Saturday, 27 June 2009

Images of Neuhausel 1685

I don't know much about this siege - I think it was a retaking of a place from the Ottomans but I am not sure. These images have some great details though.

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Corporal_Trim said...

High quality images, Ralphus.

To quote Duffy,

"A little reflection told the Imperial command that it was rather obsurd to think of taking Ofen [aka Buda, the main fortress of Turkish Hungary] as long as the Turks still held the fortress of Neuhausel, which was well sited up the Danube, and offered them a base for their raids into Austria and Moravia.

This pocket of resistance was finally eliminated on 16 August 1685 when a corps under Field-Marshal Caprara stormed into the place and cut down the 1,000 defenders. The siege had lasted a month...though it was pointed out that a French army would have had it in a week."