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The British Army 1660-1704 John Tincey


This was a good Osprey I thought. 1994. I got my copy from Gerry Embleton the artist. I knew him from the French and Indian war group I was running. When he heard I was doing 1685 he sent me various photocopies and this book.

Friday, 2 June 2023

Wilf Emberton

 An author who specialises in the English Civil War.

1685 Society at Basing House

 A picture from the mid 90s at the first event of the 1685 Society at Basing House. Not exactly Somerset but the warden was a reenactor who was prepared to give us a go. There was also a store of pikes there. The pair of pikeman flanking Owen were a small group Kirke's Lambs. After this event they went their own way.

The good thing about that event was Dr David Chandler with friends turned up as they had been at a memorial service for Wilf Emberton I think and they enjoyed our little event.

I had this booklet produced and gave a copy to David Chandler so he had my address and phone number so when he was approached in 2000 about a Blenheim event in Bavaria for 2004 he contacted us.
Page from my booklet though it was in black and white!

Brown Bess

Read about the Brown Bess and the possible origins of the term in the wiki here

Also there is an interesting article from Royal Armouries on the history of the term Brown Bess here

Thursday, 1 June 2023

Freikorps von Kleist officer by Aleksandr Kabankov


"Hello friends!)))I present a figurine of an officer of the Free Corps of Kleist during the Seven Years' War. Made for the company Troop54 on a scale of 1/22 (75 mm).The musket is made by 3D master Oleg Derbasov. Many thanks to Artur Yushkevich for his help in the work."