Friday, 27 January 2023

German Peasants War figures by Steel Fist Miniatures

 A brief journey to the 16th century. These figures are just a few of the new miniatures of what will be part of the Italian wars range. I like the look of them - see more on their Facebook page. They mentioned the fact that it is the 500th anniversary next year. I think they have 5 packs planned.

If you want a book on the subject Helion are producing one shortly. Read about it here.

Wiki on the German Peasants war.

Night March to Culloden to be recreated

 Thanks to Steve for finding this. BBC article

Warwick Castle 1974 by the Sealed Knot

 Colour newsreel

Thursday, 26 January 2023

Flags of War artillery masters

 From Iain of Flags of War I thought they looked great.

"Trying out some test prints for new Artillery pieces I had sculpted.

British 6lb

French Swedish 4lb

French Long 4lb

Still needing artillerymen to go with the French pieces. Perfect for War of Austrian Succession and The 45. "


The Highland army at Culloden published by Caliver Books

 THE HIGHLAND ARMY AT CULLODEN/ Stuart Reid.. 154p. paperback.  V. well illustrated with colour uniform & Flags plates.  The very latest  research into its organisation, dress, equipment and flags by the acknowledged  expert in Scottish C17th &  C18th military history.

Limited edition hardback available now, Paperback in 2 weeks. Links

Glastonbury Tor and Abbey ruins

William Stukeley 1724

Pirate Ships, Pirate Prey, & Pirate Hunters: Eyewitness Illustrations & Accompanying Stories

 This is a great blog piece by Benerson Little who is an expert on such things. Find out what they were really like.