Thursday, 23 May 2019

Ramillies 1706

Today's anniversary
Wiki here
Grenadier from England's General eternised 1706

Monday, 20 May 2019

40mm Seven Years War

Did you know Crann Tara are in the process of producing a new range of 40mm SYW? I believe the masters are computer-generated but I don't really know anything about that medium. If you want to see some examples painted up go to this blog.

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Prussian drill

We may have had this before. Also here


Today is the anniversary of this battle so I thought I would post a clip from Alatriste as it's a Sunday. 

Saturday, 18 May 2019

Prinz Karl Infantry 1756

So occasionally I have ideas for reenactment groups even though I am retired and mostly I don't post about them, but this one I had a few years ago and it still sounds good to me. The concept is a Hessian Seven Years War group based in the South of England. Recreating garrison life as it occurred in the Invasion scare of 1756. But you could also participate in American Revolution events as there is very little difference between the uniforms of 1756 and 1776 and Prinz Karl were in the Revwar too. They also fought at Krefeld and various European theatre battles. Unlike most Hessian groups I wouldn't get involved in mitres but would stick to musketeers. But this is just an idea.
From Kronoskaf where there is a detailed history.
Prinz Karl  Infantry at Krefeld 1758

Carl Prinz von Hessen-Kassel als Kind, 1755

Inventar Nr.: 1875/750 a
Bezeichnung: Carl Prinz von Hessen-Kassel als Kind, Studie
Künstler: Johann Heinrich d. Ä. Tischbein (1722 - 1789), Maler/in
Dargestellt: Carl Landgraf von Hessen-Kassel (1744 - 1836)
Datierung: um 1755
Geogr. Bezug: Kassel
Material / Technik: Leinwand, doubliert
Maße: 35,5 x 28,7 cm (Bildmaß)
1790 im Nachlass Tischbeins
Beschriftungen: Beschriftung allg.: verso auf dem Keilrahmen mit Bleistift: Nr. 6

The Invasion - Hogarth 1756

England - plate 2
For more info go here

France - Plate 1
Today is the date when in 1756 Britain declared war on France starting the Seven Years War so here's a Hogarth print lampooning the French. More info here. 
If you interested in learning about the invasion threat in 1756 and the troops brought over to England this page at Kronoskaf is good.