Sunday, 20 January 2019

HaT Industrie 1/32 Prussian Seven Years War

 If the Preiser are too pricey then you could go with HaT Industries Prussians. They do three sets Action, Marching and Command. These are from Scott Lesch's collection. You can make fusiliers, grenadiers or musketeers as they have separate hats. HaT are supposed to be doing Austrians in this scale.

Preiser 1/32 Prussian

These aren't cheap but they are elegant sculpts. Preiser also do Prussians in 1/24 so if you are looking on eBay be careful. 

Friday, 18 January 2019

Armies and Enemies of Louis XIV: Volume 1: Western Europe 1688-1714 - France, England, Holland by Mark Allen

This is a great book and a must have if you are interested in late 17th early 18thc uniforms and flags.  To give you some background to this book Mark Allen the author and artist of this work started researching this period in the late 80s inspired by the tercentenaries and the new wargames figures out and published the results in a series of articles in the magazine Wargames Illustrated. These articles became highly prized with colour photocopies circulating among enthusiasts. Over time people have continued to enjoy the articles so Helion decided to reprint them with extra text and more research. There is something like 44 pages of colour artwork and this is only volume 1. So if you are interested in the War of the Grand Alliance and later into the age of Marlborough this is the book for you. This volume covers the Dutch English and French.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Book on Snayers

PETER SNAYERS: BATTLE PAINTER 1592-1667 / - Large format hardback.ENGLISH EDITION
This book looks worth getting - available from Caliver Books and others

Book from Royal Armouries

Pre-order now. Available for dispatch from 1st March 2019.
The English Civil Wars tore families and friendships apart, setting father against son and brother against brother. Raging across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, the conflict was the greatest political upheaval in the British Isles in six hundred years, and led directly to the execution of King Charles I in 1649. Keith Dowen tells the absorbing story of the arms and armour of the civil wars, and explains how emerging weaponry contributed to some of the most well-known battles in British history.
The book forms part of a series of introductions to aspects of the Royal Armouries’ collection of arms and armour. Written by specialists in the field, they are packed full of fascinating information and stunning photography.
Keith Dowen is Assistant Curator at the Royal Armouries Museum, and Honorary Deputy Editor of the Journal of the Arms and Armour Society. He has presented and published widely on late medieval and early modern arms and armour, and on British military history.

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Lorna Doone

The novel Lorna Doone is 150 years old this year, Many events to celebrate including one with the Taunton Garrison - details here

Death March 300 by Johan Käll

'300 years ago, 3700 swedish soldiers froze to death in the mountains on thier way back to sweden due to a sudden snowstorm.
Today, on that day, at the same place, we reenacted the memory'