Friday 30 November 2012

Rocroi 1643 by Ugo Pinson

See more of this work here

Rocroi Book

Although its only in Spanish this book looks worth getting. Looks like the Spanish had scraps of red cloth to distinguish them. Anyone have this book?

Thursday 29 November 2012

Jérémie de Billon, Les Principes de l'Art militaire, 1633

Le mareschal de bataille (1647)

 A useful book on the French army of the 40s is this one. Not sure if there's a cheap reprint available?

Participants for Rocroi 2013

Here. Quite a good number of contingents from the UK. Excellent.

Image Arcabucero de un Tercio - Rocroi, 1643 - Francisco Rueda Sagaseta. From here

Monday 26 November 2012

Minden 1759 in 2014

Facebook page for the event in Germany.

Seven Years War book

More details here
'William Pitt, 1st Earl of Chatham, Britain’s war leader, stated that ‘America was won in Germany.’ How could Prussian successes on the continent of Europe have sounded the death knell for New France and Spanish ambitions in North America? Armies of the Seven Years War explains the connection and the outcomes of all the complex alliances that led to the ‘first world war’.'

Diorama of Rocroi 1643

Over at Uwe's History in 1/72 they have picked the subject of their big diorama for 2013. Rocroi. Excellent stuff.

Narva 2012

Photo album by Alex Goss of recent events at Narva fortress.

Friday 23 November 2012

Spanish troops

"Troops at the Siege of Aire Sur La Lys, 1658 ". Snayers, Peeter

Rocroi 1643

Webpage for the event in May 2013 here. Facebook page here.There seems to be interest in attending this from the UK - there was quite a contingent at Grolle earlier this year. Be good to see some ECW people doing continental events - maybe get them using musket rests? Rocroi wiki

Tuesday 20 November 2012

English Civil War Artillery

 Mortar at Basing House and guns at Edegehill from the Osprey

Memoirs of a Cavalier Daniel Defoe

Or -
 A Military Journal of the Wars in Germany, and the Wars in England. From the Years 1632 to 1648. Written threescore years ago, by an English gentleman, who served first in the army of Gustavus Adolphus, the Glorious King of Sweden, till his death, and after that in the Royal Army of King Charles the First, from the beginning of the Rebellion to the end of the War.

This is Defoe's fictionalized history of the war taken from accounts from a number of sources. Read it here

Cavalier wiki 

OK I just realised I have already posted on this subject before on this blog here but it is worth checking out for the comment on the sources Defoe used for his tale.

Pikemen by Angus McBride

Early war study from the ever popular artist.

Monday 19 November 2012

We Be Soldiers Three

A fine song to sing beside the campfire at your local ECW or TYW event.
WEe be Souldiers three' was published by - and probably written by - collector and composer Thomas Ravenscroft, in his 'Deuteromelia' (1609). The French line, "pardona moy je vous an pree" (original spelling) means "pardon me, I pray you" or "pardon me, I beg you". The images in the video are from Ravenscroft's book.

Sunday 18 November 2012

Back and breast with tassets

 Some examples of these which were the ideal for pikemen in the early Civil War. The Royalists were less well accoutered. Top two images from the Tower Armouries and the bottom one from the NAM, Apparently Holland was the hub for the arms trade at the time and thousands of sets of arms came in compared to the mere hundreds made by British armourers.

Saturday 17 November 2012

Letters of Nehemiah Wharton 1642

These letters from a Roundhead sergeant in Holles' regiment are up on the web - here. They cover the preamble to Edgehill.

Thursday 15 November 2012

Battle of Zsibó 1705

Never heard of this battle before but it happened today so maybe we should read up on it. Wiki here

Wednesday 14 November 2012

Empress Miniatures 28mm ECW cavalry

Website here. I have to admit part of my interest in the ECW is spurred on by the excellent Empress Miniatures early ECW figures...they look fantastic and have raised the bar for the ECW.

Haselrig's Lobsters

The last fully armoured cavalry on British soil?

One of the great early ECW regiments is Haslerigg's Lobsters who anachronistically attired in full cuirrasier armour made quite an impression on the lighter armed Royalist Horse. They were credited with being "the first that made any impression upon the King's horse [the Royalist cavalry], who being unarmed [unarmoured], were not able to bear the shock with them; besides they were secure from hurts of the sword..."[Clarendon, "History of the Rebellion," 1647, VII p. 105][3] London Lobsters wiki
 Sir Arthur Haselrigg (pictured) survived three point-blank pistol shots and several sword thrusts at the battle of Roundway Down , causing Charles I to joke in a rare moment of humour::

"[had he] been victualled as well as fortified he might have endured a siege."

Tuesday 13 November 2012

HAC engravings

From the late 1630s

The 1640s Picturebook

This is a good ECW blog - subtitled Costume & Stuff from the English Civil War; lots there - here's some of the military postings.

Honourable Artillery Company

Pikemen and musketeers at the Lord Mayor's Parade 2011 and firing.

London Trained Bands

Turnham Green book

This book looks good. Its bumph reads
On the 13th November 1642 up to thirty-six thousand Englishmen stood in battle formation on Turnham Green. The Royalists, from winning the day at Brentford on the 12th, now faced the London Trained Bands and regiments of the Parliamentarian Army in perhaps, numerically, the `largest ever military confrontation' to take place on British soil.

The story of the battle of Turnham Green and how 'the sack of London' was prevented by Londoners. As Charles I's army marched on the capital in the autumn of 1642, Nehemiah Wallington, a wood-turner living near London Bridge, wrote in his journal, 'those cruel cavilers doe so plonder & pillage & commit Rapin & use such cruelty that the poore people are caused to fly from house and home to save their children'. Most Londoners shared his fears that city would be pillaged and burnt by the king's supporters, who had been vilified in the London press and from the pulpits. Londoners had willingly joined the Earl of Essex's army that summer but had failed to stop the advance of the king's army. The capture and sack of Brentford, so close to their city, confirmed their worst fears, for their own safety and that of their families. London would be next. At Turnham Green the Civil War that had pitched Englishman against Englishman came to London. On 13 November thousands of volunteers streamed out of the city to join the army and the most ferocious battle in London's long history began. The outcome would mark a turning point in the conflict that had split the nation.

Trained bands?

Haven't seen this picture before. Anyone know it?

Mystery Illustration

My pal Boris is trying to identify the country of origin for this plate - anyone recognize it?

Battle of Turnham Green 1642

This pivotal engagement of the ECW took place today. Read about it here.
The London trained bands can be read about here where this illustration comes from. An Ensign from an engraving on one of
the brass clasps of The Great Vellum Book
of The Honourable Artillery Company, c.1635

Sunday 11 November 2012

Interesting image for Remembrance Sunday

Thanks to David Ashbolt for this image of a celebrated soldier - read his wiki here.

Thursday 8 November 2012

The Last Valley (1971) part 1

This movie - set in the 30 Years war - starring Michael Caine which is mostly remembered these days for its score by John Barry is up in parts on Youtube. Part 2 here Part 3 here Part 4 here etc

Today in history

1620 - White Mountain - in the 30 Years war - Bila Hora. Peter Snayers

Saturday 3 November 2012

Friday 2 November 2012

Highland Charge by Angus McBride


I think this is footage shot for the 90s film Chasing the Deer. Anyone know if this is available on DVD?

Lace Wars recreate famous 45 painting

UK group the Lace Wars has this on their Facebook page and I thought it worth a share - recreating David Morier's painting. They even got the weather right...

Thursday 1 November 2012

Crann Tara Miniatures' Jacobite Rebellion

This is a new range representing the Jacobites of the '45. They look good - see them here 
and follow the Blog here