Thursday 28 February 2019

Monday 25 February 2019

Wars and Soldiers in the Early Reign of Louis XIV: Volume 1 - The Army of the United Provinces of the Netherlands, 1660-1687 (Century of the Soldier)

Artist and Author is Bruno Mugnai.
   Hats off  to them - Helion have produced another classic study of an influential army. This is the best book of the year I have seen so far. There was a real need for a decent study on the enigmatic Dutch during the early wars of Louis XIV and this study fills the need admirably. The two crucial sections are the Dutch army on campaign detailing the activities in the period against France, Cologne and Munster and the other on the uniforms and equipment including the Provincial Militia (who were part of the unique Dutch military system) - these are the centrepieces of the book but there are also chapters including orders of battles and army lists. The Netherlands had some great artists working during this 'golden age' and many with military details are reproduced and analysed. The original illustrations by the author of the flags and soldiers are all masterful and full of detail for the costume historian or reenactor. This volume certainly bodes well for the series to come - filling a void with a depth and clarity that does the subject matter proud. I shall be definitely be looking out for further titles in the series.

Saturday 23 February 2019

Preben Kannik

My first awareness of the Scanian war was in the book by Danish author Preben Kannik translated into English in the 60s. Used to get this book from the local library as a child. The copy I have now is ex-library.

Wednesday 20 February 2019

Charge! Rules

This is a book that influenced me back in the day. Used to get it from the library. Now you can get a reprint. 

Freikorps 15 - best 15mm Seven Years War

British Grenadiers
I love Freikorps figures. If you are talking 15s for the SYW or F&I for that matter then check these out. I used to buy these and the 30 years war range. The man who ran it back in the day was Cameron Robinson from Northern Ireland. I got to know him through reenactment later on.
Now available from QRF

Camp scene

Woman breast feeding. lwlpr01889 The way to preferment [England? : s.n., 1758?] Lewis Walpole Library Digital Collection


Looking for a period image of a karpus (cap associated with Swedish troops) with no luck. The figure on the left - is that a karpus?
Since posing that question I discovered Boris Megorsky has an article on Carpus caps of the Petrine army. This Russian language PDF has lots of artefacts and examples.
If not a Carpus then what?

Monday 18 February 2019

Swedish cavalryman 1676

Anyone know what publication this is from? Who is the artist?

Calling all US and Canadian reenactors

To promote & coordinate living history in the north-eastern US and Canada for appropriate military and civilian life during the period of Louis and Anne (1680s-1720).

This period roughly covers the War of the Reunions, War of the League of Augbsburg, War of Spanish Succession, and the First Jacobite Rebellion.

Saturday 16 February 2019

Maastricht 1673

This siege is a key event in the period. Search this blog for Maastricht

How I started in wargaming

Thought I would muse on how I started. First I suppose were Britain's and Airfix. When the Frome wargames group started I was the only junior member. All we did was Napoleonics and I was the Dutch-Belgians. We used Minifigs which were available to buy over the counter at modelling shops. The rules were on one A4 sheet

Friday 15 February 2019

Lund 1676

St Denis 1678

Posted quite a bit on this battle - read the posts here

Fehrbellin 1675

To celebrate the arrival of some great miniatures from Khurasan I thought I would revisit a few battles in the scope of the range to give you some flavour.  Wiki on Fehrbellin
Krieg Schwedens im Bund mit Frankreich gegen Brandenburg 1675–79 / Schlacht bei Fehrbellin am 28. Juni 1675 (Sieg des Großen Kurfürsten über die Schweden unter Waldemar Wrangel).

Thursday 14 February 2019

Khurasan Miniatures late 17th century 15mm

The wait is over. You can order these now. Mainly for the Franco-Dutch war and Scanian war.

Tuesday 12 February 2019

WRG Army list late 17thc

I am planning on using the old WRG rules for late 17thc in 15mm. Revisiting my 80s past. Luckily I still have the army lists and I share them so you can enjoy the world of the WRG army list.

Thursday 7 February 2019

Lorna Doone 150th events

The popular novel Lorna Doone is set in the West Country and it celebrates its 150th anniversary. Events here

Avanpost in the UK

If you liked the look of the Avanpost TYW 28mms then this company are now agents for them.