Saturday 29 February 2020

Buda 1686 by Francesc Riart

Been enjoying looking at the artwork of Francesc Riart. He seems to do mainly Spanish and Catalan subjects but I like his work. Google him if you like good artwork.

Steel Fist Miniatures 15mm English Civil War Kickstarter

Go here to learn more. 

Friday 28 February 2020

Kurmainz regiment

Deutsche Reichs-Armee nebst einigen verbündeten oesterreichischen und französischen Truppen, 1757, 1759, 1762. Bibliothèque nationale de France, De Ridder collection. There is a good blog piece about wargaming with the Reichsarmee

Thursday 27 February 2020

Helion Wargames

A new book series has been launched. Helion wargames. First up is a book of Fast play 17th century rules 'In Deo Veritas' available from Salute onwards. Read about them here at their new webpage

Wednesday 26 February 2020

Scottish soldiers c1720

Photos Boris Megorsky

These cherubic wooden figures designed for comic effect are one of the earliest representations of Scottish soldiers in service with the British Army. It was one of several that decorated the 'Old Chelsea Bun-House', a London coffee-house close to the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, a home for discharged soldiers founded in the 1680s. The uniform is that of the Royal North British Fusiliers, an infantry regiment formed in 1678. The regiment's name reveals its Scottish identity, as does the figure's thistle cap badge. Now displayed in the Scottish National War Museum in Edinburgh Castle.


Tuesday 25 February 2020

Steel Fist Miniatures English Civil War 15mm

These look good. They say:

'We are delighted to announce a new 15mm English Civil War range.

This will be a comprehensive range of superior 15mm, sculpted to the high standard of our 28mm, enabling you to collect Royalist and Parliamentarian field armies.

The range with basic troop types and be particularly suitable for the early part of the war. Personalities and leaders will initially focus on the campaigns in the South West of England between 1642 and 1645. We’ll then cover the later years of the war, with the more professionally equipped New Model Army and Scots. There will also be lots of named characters, as well as the King’s Lifeguard troops.

The figures are 15mm from foot to the top of the head, so they are "true 15mm"as shown in the picture below.

We will be launching this range by Kickstarter, which we are hoping to have live this weekend and we will provide the link to that as soon we can.

The range start with both foot and mounted troops and we’ll quickly be expanding the range during 2020 and beyond.
Most of the basic figures are already sculpted with the remaining dollies due to be finished by the end of the Kickstarter.  Figures ordered via the Kickstarter will be despatched this summer. The range will then be sold through our Steel Fist Miniatures website.

Many may wonder why with so many ranges on the market we have opted to make ECW figures? The simple answer is a passion for this period!

As our customers can testify, we take detail and historical research into our 28mm figures seriously.  These new 15mm figures are also highly detailed and beautifully proportioned - perhaps more than any other ECW currently on the market. We will also provide customers a great variety of poses and will have separate horse and riders for added variety.

We hope you will support our endeavour to produce the most spectacular collection of English Civil War figures ever created.

We’re working on pack compositions and will share information on the packs for launch as soon as we can.
Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions or ideas for figures you’d like to see.
many thanks,
Oliver and Simon.'

Monday 24 February 2020

Khurasan 15mm Militia/Monmouth types

'The 15mm late 17th century range by Khurasan Miniatures continues to expand. Next to be released will be Karl XI Swedes, but here’s a sneak preview of American Militia in firing line, Monmouth Rebels marching, and Monmouth pikemen. I reckon the two different sub-ranges could be mixed quite a bit, although the English colonials in America typically fielded properly equipped pikemen. The Monmouth pikemen will come with pikes, which they had quite a few of, but there will be an option to give them scythes instead.
I think the Monmouths could be used as militias and other hastily gathered defenders in many period armies, or even as raw replacements in veteran regiments, awaiting proper uniform.
Strangely the English colonists in the Americas seem to have used apostles with flintlocks at times. Ours are made for King Philip’s War, in which the transition to the flintlock was well underway but not complete, so the men have a mix of long firearms. Probably a late spring or early summer release;'

Wednesday 19 February 2020

Strelets-r WSS French musketeers firing

 More news on this 1/72 range. These for some reason have short muskets. Shame.😤
Strelets-r have spoken about this on their forum. These are intended to be matchlocks.

Friday 14 February 2020

A. Karashchuk Languedoc 1704 (and Drabant Miniatures 40mms)

Do you remember Drabant miniatures? Did very good 40mm WSS figures and also GNW. Russian company. They also published nice artwork that pops up occasionally. I kept the caption to the above which read
The picture shows musketeer and grenadier of Languedoc Foot Regiment. This Tallard’s regiment was one of the most famous and dangerous in French army. Most French musketeers had leather cartridge box on a belt. Grenadiers of the regiment wore tall fur hat with long cloth cap, unlike soldiers of many other regiments including Guards. French grenadiers necessarily wore moustaches. Grenadiers were armed with firelock muskets and sabers instead of epees.
One of Drabant's miniatures. They were distributed by Old Glory
Over on this blog are some WSS Brits. Also here

Looks like they might be available from here

Also see here
Gardes Françaises, Drabant Miniatures (40mm)

Thursday 13 February 2020

Monday 10 February 2020

Strelets-r WSS French fusiliers

 Happy days. The 1/72 set for the WSS are hitting the shops. Look fantastic

Wednesday 5 February 2020

Interesting painting

1763 Arthur Devis (English artist 1712-1787) Francis Vincent, his wife Mercy and daughter Ann of Weddington.

Louis XV's infantry series of books

If you are interested in the French infantry of this era check out my post on Flintlock and Tomahawk

Tuesday 4 February 2020

Publicity still from Alatriste

I still haven't seen this film but people reckon it's good so I am going to watch it. I understand the plot is difficult if you haven't read the books (I haven't) so shall be watching for scenes like the above.

Monday 3 February 2020

Fraustadt 1706

Today's anniversary is this action in the Great Northern War. 

Sunday 2 February 2020

Donald McBane – THE Expert Sword-Man’s Companion: Or the True Art of SELF-DEFENCE

Fought at Malplaquet and others
Donald McBane was a Scottish Highlander and one of the most accomplished duelists of the 18th century. During the span of his extraordinary career as a soldier, prize fighter, fencing master, and brothel manager, McBane took part in 16 battles, 15 skirmishes, and nearly 100 duels or personal combats. He published his book, The Expert Sword-Man’s Companion, in 1728 where he recounts it all. This new edition is a faithful transcription presented with meticulously restored illustrations.
Read about it and get it here

Plastic soldier Review reviews Strelets-r British firing line

More excellent Marlburians reviewed here

Historical record of the Twenty-First Regiment, or the Royal North British Fusiliers

Saxon-Polish troops in 1719

Thanks to Blog historyczny Kadrinazi for finding this. The book of Polish and military costumes (mostly guard) of Polish and Saxon costumes in Dresden in 1719. Author - Christian Ehrenfried Kayser. From The Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden Collection.

Grenadier von der 2. Garde zu Fuß, aus: Sächsisch-polnische Hoftrachten und Militäruniformen beim Einzug 1719 in Dresden

Find more here

Pfeifer der Garde du Corps, aus: Sächsisch-polnische Hoftrachten und Militäruniformen beim Einzug 1719 in Dresden
Unteroffizier der Musketiere von der Sächsischen oder 1. Garde zu Fuß, aus: Sächsisch-polnische Hoftrachten und Militäruniformen beim Einzug 1719 in Dresden

Saturday 1 February 2020


My sister picked this book up for me - 'looks like your sort of thing' she said. Wiki on them here