Tuesday 30 August 2016

The Battle of Dunbar ECWS Major Muster September 17th – 18th 2016

A re-enactment and living history spectacular of the 17th Century. Large battle re-enactment, Drill Displays and Living History by the English Civil war Society. Depicting the tragic defeat of the Scots Army against Cromwell’s Commonwealth in 1650.
The Battle of Dunbar (3 September 1650) was a battle of the Third English Civil War. The English Parliamentarian forces under Oliver Cromwell defeated a Scottish army commanded by David Leslie which at that time was loyal to King Charles II, who they had proclaimed King of Scots, Charles was pronounced King of Great Britain, Ireland and France on 5 February 1649 following the execution of his father, Charles I. More info here

Saturday 27 August 2016

The Battle of Minden 1759: The Miraculous Victory of the Seven Years War by Stuart Reid

The fighting in Europe during the Seven Years War hung in the balance. After initial successes the Austro-French forces had been driven back across the Rhine. With the opposing sides reinforcing their armies, the campaign of 1759 was going to prove decisive. Britain and her German allies met the French at Minden in Germany. Due to a misunderstanding of orders the British infantry actually attacked and dispersed the French cavalry. That action is still commemorated on 1 August each year with the wearing of roses by the infantry and artillery regiments whose predecessors picked flowers and put them in their coats as they passed through German gardens on the way to the battle. By contrast Lord Sackville, who commanded the British cavalry, was accused of ignoring orders to charge the retreating French which could have turned defeat into rout. He was court-martialled and cashiered. The victory at Minden was just one in a number of British successes that years against French forces and overseas territories across the globe. This led to 1759 being described by the British as the Annus Mirabilis the year of miracles.

Sunday 21 August 2016

1689 Redcoats

G Embleton

Dunkeld 1689

Today's anniversary is this decisive battle of the late 17thc

Tuesday 16 August 2016

Catton Hall, South Derbyshire.

This August Bank Holiday weekend, The Sealed Knot comes to Catton Hall for a spectacular weekend of historical reenactment and entertainment.
Let us take you back to the year of 1642 when our staunch Royalists are attacked by Parliament forces all in the name of democracy.  Cromwell has sacked the High Sherriff of Derbyshire due to his allegiance to Charles 1 and the power to rule is finely balanced.
Some fact, some fiction but an experience not to be missed as the roar of Cannons reverberates across the battlefield, Lord Generals deploy their troops and the mighty battle flows to and fro.
Who will win, who will lose, who will die, who will survive the answer to these questions can only be found at this Spectacular event by the largest re-enactment Society in Europe.

The battle alone is entertaining but to add to your enjoyment we have an ‘authentic’ Living History Camp where members of the Society will be demonstrating trades and crafts of the period and character actors will be making Cameo appearances.  The Kings Entourage is just one of these Cameo performances to keep you entertained.
We open at 11am both Sunday 28th and Monday 29th August with a full programme each day to entertain you along with a Beer Tent and other attractions.

The Newport Pagnell Civil War Weekend

The Newport Pagnell Civil War Weekend will take place over Bank Holiday August 28–29, 2016 and is a community event presented by a committee of local people and the English Civil War Society. Its aim is to bring to life the town’s significant role in the Civil War in an entertaining and educational way. The event has support and sponsorship from the Heritage Lottery Fund, Newport Pagnell Town Council, Milton Keynes Council, Bury Field Commoners Association, Milton Keynes Community Foundation, and many local companies and organisations.
Suitable for families, school parties, history buffs or just a fun day out… ‘armies’ of Roundheads and Cavaliers will recreate the Civil War at Newport Pagnell over Bank Holiday Sunday and Monday with cannons, cavalry, pike and musket – all the sounds and fury of battle, live commentary, spectators’ arena, ‘living history’ displays, market place, refreshments. Large crowds are expected; follow the signs.

Saturday 13 August 2016

Navarre in the WSS

 Of course Navarre were captured at Blenheim.
also Blenheim oob here

Fusilier Navarre

Wars of Louis Quatorze pinterest

Celebrate Blenheim by checking out my pinterest page on the period,

Battle of Blenheim 1704

Image from here
Today's anniversary, Wiki here

Thursday 11 August 2016

Navarre Infanterie

Always liked Navarre. 'En avant Navarre sans peur.'

1767 giberne

Wednesday 10 August 2016

News on new book series

Andrew Bamford writes: New logo design for the book series that I am editing for Helion and Company Publishing. The first titles will be out over the coming winter: topics for the first twelve months’ releases include studies of the Battle of Prestonpans 1745, the naval blockade of Brest 1793-1815, the 1794 campaign in the West Indies, and the 1799 Helder campaign; works on uniforms and military organisation covering the Dutch army 1713-1772 and the Spanish Army c.1800; memoirs – all with notes and commentary – covering the Seven Years War, French and Indian War, and Napoleonic Wars. Watch this space for more details.

Monday 8 August 2016

When Jimmy Page and Roy Harper came to an ECWS event

I've always liked camp fire stories - it's part of the fun of reenacting and I tend to remember them too, This story stuck  with me; Jimmy Page late of Led Zeppelin and Roy Harper folk rock hero came to an event and kitted up in Civil War attire and took part and on the saturday performed a set in the beer tent. It sounded too good to be true especially as the guy telling me was a Zep fan (unlike me I might add). But I recently did some asking on the Devereux's Facebook page and it seemed the story was true. Ulverston 1984. The Lake District.  People remembered the weekend - might even post some photos sometime. In the meantime if you are a rock fan this will show you what they were doing in the Lake District in 1984. If you have any recollections or memories from that event post them in the comments.

Sunday 7 August 2016

Forthcoming Osprey of Interest

Dutch Armies of the 80 Years’ War 1568-1648 (1): Infantry
During the course of the 80 Years’ War one of its main leaders – Maurice of Orange-Nassau – created an army and a tactical system that became a model throughout Europe. This study focuses on the Dutch infantry, examining how Maurice of Orange-Nassau mobilized patriots and volunteers from across Europe, introduced innovative new training methods and standardised the organisation and payment system of the army to make it more than a match for the occupying Spanish.

Tuesday 2 August 2016

Pat Patrick's Sedgemoor photos

Sedgemoor 1685 Reenacted by the SK

Flickr album of excellent photos by Wheelz Wheeler and some great shots of the camp by Pat Patrick.

Sedgemoor 1685 T-shirt

Available from the Blake Museum Bridgwater. Has tour dates on the back.

Monday 1 August 2016

Battle commences in Bradford on Avon's civil war re-enactment

More photos here
'BRADFORD on Avon was the place to be this weekend as thousands poured into the town for the English Civil War Society's re-enactment. 
17th century Britain was brought to life for the two-day extravaganza which ran from 10am-5pm, focusing on the fierce battles of 1643 between the Parliamentarians and the Royalists.
More than 500 society members were involved in total, including for the bridge skirmish, artillery and infantry displays in Victory Field, a living history village at the Tithe and Barton Farm and a full-scale battle at Poulton Field. '