Friday 31 May 2024

Marlborough's victories playing cards 1707

 Read about them here. Might be good to get a repro set. I have the Monmouth Rebellion set. 

Thursday 30 May 2024

Battle of Vigo Bay 1702

 Our eldest daughter is on a cruise with her partner and tomorrow they are going to Vigo. Looked it up and found this battle

Marlborough Correlli Barnett

 1974. Got this ex library book for 50p today. I have already a cheap paperback but this has nice colour plates.


Charles II and his Court

 Peter Tillemans -circa1680

Peter Tillemans (Anglo-Flemish, 1684-1734)

 Detail. King George I on Newmarket Heath oil on canvas here

Wednesday 29 May 2024

Regiment Spinola anno 1700

 Facebook page. I believe the group is based in Belgium. Webpage Recreating a regiment from the Spanish Netherlands.

Great photo!

Happy Oakapple Day


Charles Ii'S Return.

From the wiki

Restoration Day, more commonly known as Oak Apple Day or Royal Oak Day, was an English, Welsh and Irish public holiday, observed annually on 29 May, to commemorate the restoration of the Stuart monarchy in May 1660.[1] In some parts of England the day is still celebrated. It has also been known as Shick Shack Day, or Oak and Nettle Day.[2]

King Charles II being presented with a pineapple by the Royal Gardener, John Rose, in the formal gardens of an estate

The Private life of James II

 Out later this month. 

The personal side of James II and VII has long been obscured by the propaganda storm emanating from the “Glorious Revolution” of 1688, one of the great founding myths of modern Britain. Justine Brown unveils James the man, teasing out a fresh dimension. The Private Life of James II details the romantic adventures of a true Cavalier―handsome, courageous, loyal, pleasure-seeking, lusty, determined and soulful. The Stuart “spare” briefly experienced a golden childhood before, aged nine, he was flung headlong into the English Civil Wars of 1642-1649\. After escaping England in disguise, he endured the execution of his adored father, Charles I, and years of exile on the Continent. In 1660 the Duke of York returned to his native land in triumph. He rode into the capital at the right hand of his brother, Charles II. James fully embraced the role of Restoration rake, headed up the Royal Navy, fought the Fire of London with gusto, and was a great patron of theatre, painting, and music. “The darling of the people” until his dramatic conversion to Roman Catholicism transformed him into England’s scapegoat, the heir to the Crown had a turbulent road ahead. Come to understand what truly drove James, and learn about his complex relationships with his children, his two remarkable wives, Anne Hyde and Mary of Modena; his many mistresses, as well as the extraordinary friends and rivals who helped shape the fate of this consequential Stuart monarch of England, Scotland and Ireland.

Tuesday 28 May 2024

The Keys of Hell and Death

 English Civil War fiction. Webpage where you can read the first chapter.

The West Country, July 1643. England’s bloody civil war has reached a bloody stalemate, with neither side able to secure a decisive advantage. But with a Royalist victory at Roundway Down comes an opportunity to seize the precious port city of Bristol.

King Charles’s flamboyant nephew, Prince Rupert, leads his army out of Oxford to snatch the prize, supported by his brother, Prince Maurice, attacking from the south. In Bristol, the Parliamentary garrison commander, Colonel Nathaniel Fiennes has to contend with a lack of manpower in a city of divided loyalties as he prepares its defences for the onslaught to come.

The ensuing struggle will harness the enmity between the two Reeve brothers: carefree and dissolute Ralph, now a corporal of dragoons in Prince Maurice’s Regiment, and Francis, the embittered and fanatical puritan in the Parliamentary horse. It will also determine the fate of Moussa Dansocko, the west African slave accused of sorcery and witchcraft and threatened with a lynching, Kedall Tremain, the fisherman turned tinner who fights for Cornwall and its king and Abel Cowans, the disabled and impoverished naval gunner from Newcastle who finds himself working in Bristol docks when the assault on the city begins, and others, all with their diverse reasons for finding common cause with one side or the other in t

Malmesbury in 1647

 This is a great pic showing the Civil War defences. Came to light in 1996. If you look closely you can see the company colours of the garrison. Nicholas Devereux was Governor and the recreated regiment followed this find. Thanks to Simon.

Wimborne ECW

 Photo by the Daily Echo. 

Fort Ligonier Seven Years War weekend

 Over in Pennsylvania but covering the European theatre of the conflict with Prussian and other nationalities. See more at the Fort Ligonier Facebook. 

Monday 27 May 2024

League of Augsburg news


We are opening pre-orders for the hardback, 86 page guide to the Jacobite infantry regiments which fought at the Battle of Aughrim on July 12th 1691. This book has 32 original illustrations of each of the regiments featured plus their battalion colours.  All plates are full colour and completed in an original and dramatic style by Clarence Harrison. The book contains maps and extensive information on each regiment never before presented in this  format. It is perfect for wargamers and history enthusiasts interested in the last great Jacobite army.

The print run will be limited.

The book will be delivered by July 31st 2024. 

Customers preordering will receive a 12 page pdf extract of the book immediately. You can find the preorder page here:

Friday 24 May 2024

Wimborne ECW weekend

 Wimborne will go back in time to play host to the incredible re-enactment of an historical battle that took place around the town during the 17th century when King and Parliament were locked in a bitter civil war.

For the first time in the town, over 600 members of the English Civil War Society

(ECWS) will be re-enacting ‘The Battle for Wimborne’ from 25th to 27th May. The town will come alive with Royalist and Parliamentary foot soldiers and cavalry plus a military camp will be set up at Julians Bridge. Think Hollywood epic with spectacular costumes, artillery and horses galloping.

Royalist Wimborne was locked in a struggle with Roundhead Poole with many skirmishes in the countryside between the two towns.  The “Wimbornites”, as they were called, hatched a plot that a Roundhead Officer in Poole would open the gates in return for money.  On the night the “Wimbornites” set off, the main gates were opened but not the inner ones. They came under heavy attack before being forced to flee with many casualties – they had in fact been betrayed!

There will be two large reenactment battles on Sunday 26th and Monday 27th May when the Roundheads from Poole will once again march to clear Wimborne of its Royalist troops. But which side will you be routing for?

The Minster Green will also be a sight for action as the riot that broke out in Wimborne Minster church, causing the Earl of Shaftesbury to send in troops is brought to life once more along with drum workshops and many other exciting scenarios.

More here

Horse Guards and Whitehall. Circa 1750. Artist unknown


Thursday 23 May 2024

Ramillies by Richard Scollins

 For Military Modelling magazine. Military Modelling was a must read back in the day. I think I read issue 1. 1971. When Stuart Asquith was editor it had lots of Marlborough and wargaming content. Do you remember it?

Ramillies 1706

 Today's anniversary. Wiki

Grenadier Garde française 1750

 This apparently was an experimental uniform that wasn't adopted. 

Tuesday 21 May 2024

Berkeley Castle event

 Enjoy a fantastic weekend of living history at Berkeley Castle this May bank holiday!

Sunday 26th & Monday 27th May come and meet the Merry Monarch, experience a 6-horse display, and enjoy maypole dancing with live music. 

A fantastic day out for the whole family. 

The event is included in the standard admission & tickets are now on sale

The Battle of Minden, 1st August 1759 by David Rowlands.


Sunday 19 May 2024



Rocroi 1643

 Today's anniversary. Wiki

From the movie Alatriste watch the battle here

Saturday 18 May 2024

French infantry of the early 1730s

 Thanks to GianCarlo Boeri for finding this.

Friday 17 May 2024

By the Sword Divided 1983 episode 1 Part 1 Gather Ye Rosebuds

 I should have posted this last year when it was 40 years old. Never mind. I met quite a few reenactor who were in this as extras. I like the theme music. I didn't watch it at the time. Do you have any memories of it? Wiki

Here to watch the first episode. 

Bristol in 1717

 Thanks to Steve for this. Similar to how the city must have looked like in 1685. 

My Kingdom for a Horse (1991) Sean Bean


I have been wanting to see this again for some time. Sean Bean (before Sharpe) plays a nerdy schoolteacher who takes part in Sealed Knot battles at weekends. It's worth watching. I used to have it on VHS (taped off the telly) and showed it to some reenactors from the U.S. who were staying with us to show them what ECW reenactment was like. Watch it here

Thursday 16 May 2024

W. Britain 1st Foot Guards Grenadier Officer 1685 54mm

 You can get these quite reasonably on ebay. I am tempted. Based on Francis Hawley

Coming out in June from Dr Stephen Summerfield

 Published in June 2024 - 3 Volumes with a total of 106 contemporary colour maps



Bückeburg - 300 years of Wilhelm of Schaumburg-Lippe

 Event in Germany. See more at

If you are wondering who William of Schaumburg-Lippe is here is his wiki.

Tuesday 14 May 2024

Pierre Lenfant. Episode du combat de Melle, 9 juiliet 1745

 Thanks to Andrey for this. Quite a few groups are interested in going to Fontenoy next year. 

Ketts Rebellion Walk


Saturday 18th May 2024, 10:30am.

Ketts Rebellion 1549 Walk

Local historian Paul Dickson will conduct a two-hour walking tour of city centre Norwich concentrating on the background, sites and history of Kett’s Rebellion: July and August 1549.

The tour starts outside the Erpingham Gate [to the Cathedral] in Tombland at 10:30 and will also finish there.

N. B. Advance booking required.

For further details, and how to book, see: