Friday 24 May 2024

Wimborne ECW weekend

 Wimborne will go back in time to play host to the incredible re-enactment of an historical battle that took place around the town during the 17th century when King and Parliament were locked in a bitter civil war.

For the first time in the town, over 600 members of the English Civil War Society

(ECWS) will be re-enacting ‘The Battle for Wimborne’ from 25th to 27th May. The town will come alive with Royalist and Parliamentary foot soldiers and cavalry plus a military camp will be set up at Julians Bridge. Think Hollywood epic with spectacular costumes, artillery and horses galloping.

Royalist Wimborne was locked in a struggle with Roundhead Poole with many skirmishes in the countryside between the two towns.  The “Wimbornites”, as they were called, hatched a plot that a Roundhead Officer in Poole would open the gates in return for money.  On the night the “Wimbornites” set off, the main gates were opened but not the inner ones. They came under heavy attack before being forced to flee with many casualties – they had in fact been betrayed!

There will be two large reenactment battles on Sunday 26th and Monday 27th May when the Roundheads from Poole will once again march to clear Wimborne of its Royalist troops. But which side will you be routing for?

The Minster Green will also be a sight for action as the riot that broke out in Wimborne Minster church, causing the Earl of Shaftesbury to send in troops is brought to life once more along with drum workshops and many other exciting scenarios.

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