Wednesday 29 April 2020

Sergio Galantucci's Seven Years War 54mm

Sergio designs, sculpts and paints these figures himself - this is but a small selection. These figures are commercially available - email

English 7th Dragoons
Prussia - 6° Rgt. Guard Grenadiers
France - Picardie
Prussia number 1 Winterfeldt
Repubblica di Genova-Rgt.Varenna
Hanover Guard Grenadier
Prussia Hussars
Bulkeley's (Irish)
Austria Hungary J Esterhazy
Russia - Granatieri della Guardia Rgt. Preobrazenski
Prussia artillery

Tuesday 28 April 2020

The 1685 Society nostalgia

The 1685 Society was a short lived project from the late 90s to the early 2000s recreating the Monmouth rebellion mostly in Somerset. Our first event was at Basing House and Dr David Chandler turned up. We did a few tv things - about 6 including one where we had speaking parts - I was Wade - this was for BBC Education the tape of which I lost. Anybody who has it get in touch.

Owen Collier flanked by two Kirke's lambs - Basing House

Me as arch rebel Nathaniel Wade

Monmouth Beach Lyme Regis

Rebel patrol

Lyme Regis

and split up.  Here's a few images that I still have. 

Forthcoming series set in late 17th century New France

I don't normally do this but this trailer for a series for National Geographic looks good. Go to my Flintlock and Tomahawk blog to see it. 

Sunday 26 April 2020

The French are landing! The forgotten invasion of Carrickfergus in 1760

This is a nice little booklet if you can find it - tells the story of the descent by the French in 1760 Northern Ireland. Kronoskaf on it.
This is the French force (from Kronoskaf)
land force under the command of Brigadier-general M. de Flobert (as of October 1759 but now reduced to only 1,345 men)
British garisson the 62nd foot.

Saturday 25 April 2020

Almansa 1707

The Battle of Almansa took place on 25 April 1707 during the War of the Spanish Succession, between the forces of Philip V of Spain, Bourbon claimant to the Spanish throne and his Habsburg rival, Archduke Charles of Austria.
Today's anniversary. Image from here
also see here

Thursday 23 April 2020

Lucien Rousselot - French infantry studies 1680-1715

 Rousselot's study of the evolution of French infantry 1645 to 1812
6- Piquiers. À gauche 1680-1690, à droite vers 1700

7- Infanterie 1690-1695. Source: maniement d’armes de Giffard. La baïonnette à manche est en usage, depuis peu. Elle se mettait dans le canon du mousquet et avait l’inconvénient d’interrompre le tir. Le fourniment est modifié. Le baudrier porte-épée est remplacé par un ceinturon muni d’un porte-baïonnette. La giberne est adoptée, c’est un sac à balles recouvert d’une patelette ornée. Au baudrier sont suspendues les pulvérins, le plus petit contient la poudre à amorce.

8- Infanterie vers 1695-1700. Source: gravures de Guérard et maniement d’armes de Giffard. L’équipement est peu modifié, toujours le sac à balles, la grande poire à poudre et le petit pulvérin. L’adoption de la baïonnette à douille a fait raccourcir le bois des fusils.

9- Infanterie française 1700-1705. Source: deux tapisseries d’époque. Le fusil est d’un usage presque général et se complète de la baïonnette à douille. Variante de fourniment plus simple et moins encombrant.
10- Infanterie française, fusiliers. À gauche, Régiment de St Germain Beaupré 1705. À droite, régiment de Hainaut vers 1715.

Wednesday 22 April 2020


An Austrian Grenz-Infantry soldier (Gränzer, or Kroate, as they were called), from a Silesian military map from 1762. Thanks to Grzegorz Podruczny

Tuesday 21 April 2020

Bavarians in the Seven Years War

Kronoskaf Bavarian army.
Easy to overlook the Bavarians in the Seven Years War. They fought at Leuthen as depicted here by Anton Hoffmann.

Monday 20 April 2020

Saturday 18 April 2020

From Brent Nosworthy

Four Booklets Available for FREE

I am a former game designer (SPI, OSG, etc.) and military historian, better known for my work in the eighteenth century, the Napoleonic period, and the American Civil War (The Anatomy of Victory: Battle Tactics 1689-1763, With Musket, Canon, and Sword: Battle Tactics of Napoleon and this Enemies, and The Blood Crucible of Courage: Fighting Methods and Combat Experience of the Civil War.)

However, for the last 7 years I have turned my attention to warfare on the European battlefield during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. I have completed a work entitled English Infantry & Cavalry Tactics: 1672-1698, which despite its narrowly focused title, analyzes the development of battlefield tactics throughout that century, and will also supply a cornucopia of information for those interested in, for example the French army of this period.

I have also authored another short pamphlet which I am making available for FREE: French Methods of Delivering Fire: 1688-1714. This examines in detail the various methods of delivering fire that the French had experimented with and those that were officially sanctioned during the War of Grand Alliance and the War of Spanish Succession. This can be obtained by absolutely no charge by going to the Venture Games online bookstore. There are 3 other FREE booklets available there (NO CHARGE).

Thursday 16 April 2020

Today's anniversary - Culloden 1746

64th foot and 1st Royals by Ed Dovey
Gerry Embleton from Like Hungry Wolves book

Wednesday 15 April 2020

Book offer - both books are excellent

Century of the Soldier 1618-1721 Series Special Offer!

For a limited time we're giving you 25% discount off both brand new titles in the Century of the Soldier series 'I Am Minded to Rise' and 'The Perfection of Military Discipline'.

Buy 'I Am Minded to Rise' here:
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Charles-Dominique-Joseph Eisen,

 A great artist when it comes to depicting the French army of the 1750s. Wiki

Sean O'Brogain - Ramilies

Sean from Ireland is one of my favourite artists for this period. Here's his painting for the Osprey Ramillies depicting Dutch troops. I have known Sean for ages since he was a student. He's putting together a website soon but in the meantime check out some his work on Tumblr

I am Minded to Rise: The clothing, weapons and accoutrements of the Jacobites from 1689 to 1719 (Century of the Soldier) Jenn Sc

Excellent work on the clothing and equipment of the Jacobite risings.

This is an great book to own. If you have an interest in the Highland rebellions including battles like Killiekrankie and Sheriffmuir then you will love this book. It is not just Highland troops in their varying social classes but also Lowland troops are included as well as allies like the Spanish. Their weapons and tactics are examined.
Very well illustrated by the Irish military artist Sean O'Brogain this will be enjoyed by anyone who has an interest in Scottish history.