Sunday 30 December 2018

Siege of Philippsburg (1676)

Great picture - wiki
Presumably Imperial forces in the foreground un-uniformed?


Le Maréchal Turenne
Van der Meulen Adam Frans (1632-1690)
Been revisiting Turenne in preparation to getting some Khurasan miniatures. Turkheim the great winter battle's anniversary is 5 January.

Monday 24 December 2018

Mystery grenadier

These pictures depict grenadiers but no one knows what country. Any guesses?

Sunday 23 December 2018

Merry Christmas

Discovered I have been doing this blog since 2008 - so ten years! All the best and thanks for dropping by 

Friday 21 December 2018

The Battle of Glenshiel - the Jacobite Rising in 1719

This is a timely release from Helion as 2019 is the 300th anniversary of this battle. This is probably the first book on this subject for a very long time and it fills the void perfectly. Both armies are analysed in detail, (of particular interest was the presence of Spanish and Dutch troops in the battle), and the background of events is demonstrated admirably. Line drawings by Ed Dovey show the appearance of the combatants. Terrain obviously played a major part in this campaign so that is explained well with photos and maps.  Mortars rather than field guns were used by the Government forces and this is examined. This the third book for Helion by Jonathan Worton that I have read and they are all thoroughly researched and very engaging. 

GNW Russian cavalry in the snow

Redcoats of the early 18thc

By Marcellus Laroon. Investigating what British troops looked like in 1719 and remembered this painting
The painting shows two boys, probably of the Keppel family, the elder dressed as an officer in the Grenadier Company of the Coldstream Guards, and the younger as a private soldier in the same Grenadier Company.

Between them is a young girl with her King Charles spaniel. It is interesting that the uniforms are so clearly portrayed and that their flintlock muskets are resting against the wall behind them. Apart from its general charm, the picture is most important in that it clearly portrays the uniforms worn by officers and privates of the Grenadier Companies of the Coldstream Guards in the early 18th century.

Thursday 20 December 2018

Helion conferences 2019

Patshull cavalry monument.

Thanks to Charles Singleton for this. It depicts Restoration cavalry. Looks worth a visit. It is in Staffordshire. The description reads  Pre-dating the church are these two monuments that have been grouped together. The oldest is the table-tomb of Sir John Astley (†1532) whose effigy lies alongside that of his wife, whilst below and around the sides are the figures of their 15 children. Above them is the magnificent and finely sculptured wall monument to Sir Richard Astley (†1687) and his two wives Elizabeth and Henrietta. The panel below shows Sir Richard on horseback leading his troop of cavalry.
St Mary's church, Patshull - Astley table-tomb and wall monument

Monday 17 December 2018

Carlisle dummy boards 1715

Had them before but giving them their own post today. Details

More from Khurasan

More 15mms for the 1670s-80s range. They hope to have them available before Christmas so get ready. Facebook page

War of the Quadruple Alliance

300 years ago today England declared War on Spain. Wiki

Saturday 15 December 2018

Bengt Göran Grönlund‎'s photo of a 300 years commemoration

Udevalla dec 13 1718. Delivering the corpse of the last ruler in the world dying in combat ever. Carlus Rex. Karl XII.
Elfsborgs regemente, Bohus dragoner, Smålands regemente, livregementet, Skåne regemente, Dalslands regemente, artilleriregementet, riksänkedrottningens livregemente till häst

Thursday 13 December 2018

Glenshiel 1719

Out now. From Helion books. Review soon.

Tuesday 11 December 2018

Gmundener Prachtwerk 1761

 The Gmundener Prachtwerk is a collection of historical uniforms of the Hannover army during the Seven Years War. Wikimedia commons

Sunday 9 December 2018

Prussian musketeers 1739

Interesting detail from Wache in Jaegertor

Reading 1688 or the Battle of Broad Street

Today in 1688. Read about it here

Wednesday 5 December 2018

Grenadiers, Grenadier Regiment, Foot Guards and Regiment 'König'. c. 1748

David Morier. Royal Collection. Are these Hessians?

Hessians in Britain during the Seven Years War

From Kronoskaf 
On March 28 1756, George II informed the Houses of Parliament of Great Britain that the French Court was planning the invasion of Great Britain and that, consequently, he intended to requisition a body of Hessian troops and to use it as reinforcement for Great Britain. The same day, the contingent of the Hesse-Kassel Army started to assemble in Germany. It consisted of 8 regiments. From March 28 to April 20, this Hessian contingent marched towards Bremen. On May 2, it embarked aboard 48 British transports at Stade. On May 15, it landed at Southampton. From May 19 to 22, it was transported to the region of Salisbury where it took its cantonments. By May 23, the Hessian contingent had been quartered in Hampshire. From July 11 to 14, it moved to its new encampment at Winchester. In December, it took its winter-quarters in the Counties of Chichester, Salisbury and Southampton. From April 23 to 27 1757, the Hessian contingent embarked aboard 43 British transports at Chatham to return to Germany. On May 1, the convoy sailed from Chatham. From May 11 to 16, the convoy gradually reached Stade after having suffered a severe tempest. 
Been interested in this subject so was pleased when Thomas Whitfield posted this article. Apparently it is going to be on BBC Four this evening. I don't normally watch tv but I might watch Digging for Britain on the Hessian camp at Barton farm. Read about it here

SYW Hessians by Gerry and Sam Embleton from the Osprey Frederick the Greats Allies

Leuthen 1757

Today is the anniversary of the great victory of Frederick the Great over the Austrians.

Tuesday 4 December 2018

Scanian war in 15mm

Scanian war Dansih
These Khurasan miniatures 15s open up a world of possibilities. Reminds me of when I first started this blog it was originally going to be about war gaming Louis XIV's wars and I bought one of each of Donnington miniatures late 17th century range. I didn't really feature them much as I had trouble photographing them. 

Lund 1676

Today is the anniversary of this battle of the Scanian war. 

Monday 3 December 2018

Peter the Great's Revenge: The Russian Siege of Narva in 1704 (Century of the Soldier) Boris Megorsky

Another book from Helion on the Great Northern War this year and like the other two this is a classic. Scholar and reenactor Boris Megorsky covers the second siege of Narva in 1704 in this book and in so doing also covers siege techniques and operations at the beginning of the 18th century when siege warfare was at its height. Unlike most sieges of the time this one ended with a storming of the fortifications and subsequently the plundering of the city. This is investigated from all sides. 
    To say this work is heavily illustrated is a bit of an understatement - there are colour and black and white images galore, both modern reconstructions and old engravings from drill manuals and military treatises on siegecraft. To conclude this is highly recommended. Books in English on the Great Northern War are not plentiful in number but the quality of research and delivery make up for being small in number.