Monday 29 October 2012

Henry of Navarre trailer

Another film that deals with the pike and shot era is this one.IMDB

Tercios Españoles

We can't really talk about Tercios without mentioning the movie Alatriste. I haven't actually seen the film but I have seen clips of it and it looks worth tracking down.

Sunday 28 October 2012

De slag om Grolle 2012

I think I would like to attend this event one day - looks good

New Osprey of interest

More info here

Battle of Grolle 1627 - 2012

The bumph reads
The Battle for Grolle is a regular historical reenactment of the siege of the fortified border town of Groenlo (formerly known as Grol or Grolle) in the Achterhoek (NL) in 1627 during the Dutch Revolt. In the battle against the Spanish, the strong town Grol was attacked. The siege of Groenlo lasted 30 days. Read more about the history here: These pictures were taken on the Battlefield at the 2012 edition and display the Spaniards attack approaching trenches of the States army. Music "The Heretic's Age" is a song by the Irish Black Metal band Primordial, from their album Storm before Calm.

Friday 19 October 2012

Detttingen 1743

Private Thomas Brown of the 3rd King's Own Regiment of Dragoons recapturing the regimental guidon from the French during the battle. Attributed to Richard Ansdell

Thursday 11 October 2012

Wednesday 10 October 2012

Royal Ecossais Facebook page

Here is a page I created to share knowledge of this regiment.

Grenadiers 1740

Gravure représentant le lancement de la grenade, 1740, musée de l'Infanterie, Montpellier. From here

Quality caps

If you want an authentic Monmouth cap or Scots bonnet made by the UK's most distinguished expert on the subject Kirstie Buckland then check out the selection on this page.

Sempill's Regiment

Engraving of a soldier of the Black Watch, then known as Sempill's Regiment

Lovely 18th century portraits

While looking for Royal Ecossais pictures I came across this page of excellent portraits of mainly civilian impressions of mostly French living history people though there's at least one English fellow I recognise (Mark).

Le Régiment Royal Ecossais

Seven Years War period. SYW period regimental history

Royal Ecossais in the 45

There is some debate as to whether this was actually worn - read the argument here
This cap was worn by a grenadier officer of the Royal Ecossais, a Scottish infantry regiment in the French Army. Made of dark blue velvet and scarlet silk, it is embroidered with the French fleur-de-lys and the Scottish thistle. From here

Royal Ecossais

Association Régiment du Passé : Royal Ecossais en 1747- this regiment's webpage is here

Royal Ecossais by Ugo Pinson

More historical studies by this artist here.

Tuesday 9 October 2012

Regiment de Berwick

One of the 'Wild Geese' regiments There were a number of picquet companies of Irish regiments in the Jacobite army

There is in the UK a reenactment group recreating the Regiment de Dillon

Grenadiers Pulteney's Regiment (13th)

Website here
There is a 1/6th figure coming out of a Jacobite and a 13th hatman - see them here 

Rebell Gratitude

Another image of the '45 for you.
Rebell Gratitude, or a representation of the treachery and barbarity of two rebell officers at the Battle of Culloden...(which) greatly heightened the slaughter that was that day made of their party...this battle was fought 16 April 1746
It depicts the shooting of Captain Crosett, Engineer and ADC to Cumberland, by a Highland officer whose life had been spared.

Monday 8 October 2012

Penicuik illustrations

Of course one of the best sources for Jacobite dress are these eye-witness drawings - see more here
These redcoats look very different than what we would expect

Like Hungry Wolves

Another Reid/Embleton work on the 45 Rebellion was this hardback. See more images here

Osprey of interest

This Osprey by S Reid and the Embletons looks worth getting hold of.

Thursday 4 October 2012

Whitecoats Defiant by Graham Turner

From Cranston Fine Arts
The Marquis of Newcastles Whitecoat regiment stands firm as Parliamentarian cavalry press home their attack during the battle of Marston Moor on the 2nd July 1644. Their stand to the last man has gone down in history, the regiments final destruction bringing the battle to an end.

Highlanders 1745

Staying on the Scottish theme this was a drawing I did for some reenactment buddies who were doing the Athol Brigade -  thought you might like to see it.

Scots Mercenaries in Swedish service

As today is the anniversary of the battle of Wittstock (Gregorian calendar) I thought we should have a look at Scots troops in the 30 YW. Here is an interesting page on Scottish costume.

Wednesday 3 October 2012

Scots armies of the English Civil Wars Osprey

This book by Stuart Reid looks worth a look.

English Civil War book of interest

This looks like its worth getting.Available from here where there are lots more ECW Booklets of use.

English Civil War drill

Performed by the Fairfax Battalia   one of the UK's best ECW groups - they  will be taking part at the event at Basing House on the 13th October - see below.

Monday 1 October 2012

Besieged at Basing House

Basingstoke area Basing House 11:00am Saturday 13 Oct 2012 to Sunday 14 Oct 2012 Come and see the Marquess of Winchester's Regiment of the English Civil War Society await the final attack from the besieging parliamentarians forces. Walk through the encampment of the Royalist defenders, see the soldiers prepare for their last stand with a drill display of pike and musket. Watch the camp followers prepare and feed the soldiers, the forge working on the weapons and the surgeon readying himself for the casualties of the final onslaught. Children's drill and learning trail will be available for the young to explore the history of the civil war. Open 11am - 4pm. Cost: Ad£5, Conc £4.50, Ch £4, F £14 Venue: Basing House Telephone: 01256 463965

Yorkshire Droumes and Ffyfes 'Sir Thomas Fairfaxs March'.

Yorkshire Droumes and Ffyfes 'Prince Ruperts March'.

Montero(e) caps

Time to talk about this item of clothing which was pretty uniform in the Royalist Oxford army made from the same wool as the breeches and coats. Read about them here on the excellent Ready to Wear 1640s style blog.

THE Civil War in Hampshire (1642-45) AND THE STORY OF BASING HOUSE BY REV. G. N. GODWIN, B.D.

This book is online and looks like a great read.
Also on the same site is an article on the uniforming of the Royalist army in 1643 - here

Roundhead troopers

While looking at the book English Civil War Recreated in Colour Photographs I thought I'd post this impressive photo of the ECWS' Hungerford Horse reenacting the Battle of Powick Bridge.

Drummer English Civil War Society

This is a reconstruction from the book 'English civil War in Colour photographs' which I like as it documents the era when I was involved - the mid-late 80s. The fellow in the photo taught me how to do drum rolls. Hear the drum calls here

English Civil War Drummer

As we had a comment about this I thought I'd post this image of an ECW drum from the Farndon church window, thought to be Gamul's regiment. One of the sources for reconstructions of drums of the period is 'Drake's Drum' in Devon which dates from the late 16th century. There is also a drum in Taunton museum which purports to be from the Monmouth Rebellion.