Wednesday 23 March 2011

Clibinarium Has Been Busy!

Long time between posts; if only Life would stop interfering!

Our good friend "Clibinarium" has been busy plying his trade as a sculptor of late. Just announced on the Pendraken Forum are the 1st masters for their new 10mm pre-18th century range. While it will fall under the heading of League of Augsberg, it will also include several figures that will work for the earlier Franco-Dutch Wars as well (which these masters depict). This will be similar to the very inclusive and varied AWI range that Clibinarium did for Pendraken.
Pendraken Command Group - 10mm

Pendraken Assorted Musketeers - 10mm

Pendraken Assorted Pikemen - 10mm

And, in case you might have missed it, Clibinarium also did the recently released 28mm range for Barry Hilton's League of Augsberg, details of which can be found on Barry's site here, and very well-painted samples here.

All-in-all, a very good time for enthusiasts of the late 17th century and the wars of Louis Quatorze! Clibinarium is a die-hard fan of this period, does extensive research, and sculpts a pretty good figure (major understatement). So, in case you were considering getting your feet wet in this period, it might be time to start building, or raiding, that War Chest now.