Wednesday 31 March 2021

Keep Your Powder Dry blog

 This is a great site. Based around the ECW in 15mm it has plenty of inspiration. Here

Monday 29 March 2021

Avanpost TYW cuirassiers 28mm New!

 Available in the UK from Mezzer's Minis

Hussaren regiment Nr.5 von Ruesch - duel

 Fencing Sabre duel by A.R.G.O. Warriors team dedicated to Stage Fight choreographer William Hobbs (1939-2018). The fight was filmed under the guidance of choreographer and swordmaster Petr Nůsek. The filming itself was done by professionals from the NuArt studio.

Cheriton 1644

 Today's anniversary is this ECW battle.

Image is Steel Fist new ECW 15mms

Friday 26 March 2021

WSS teasers from Strelets-R

 British Dragoons. See more Strelets-r WSS here

Barry Lyndon and Music | BFI

 Stanley Kubrick's use of music is crucial to the form of Barry Lyndon. Learn more about it with with this exclusive video essay.

Me And Marlborough [1935]

 Me and Marlborough - Wikipedia

Full movie. Comedy.

David Morier, Review of the Norfolk Militia, c. 1759–63. Raynham Hall (RN42).


Thursday 25 March 2021

David Morier, Thomas de Gray with a Review of the Western Norfolk Militia beyond, c. 1758

 From here where there is more.

British Military Swords Volume 1 1600-1660

the English Civil Wars and the Birth of the British Standing Army by Stuart C Mowbray

Haven't seen this book but it looks good -  though not cheap. (2013)

In the Midst of the Kingdom


New release!

We are pleased to announce In the Midst of the Kingdom is now available.

Today see's the publication of 'In the Midst of the Kingdom, The Royalist War Effort in the North Midlands, 1642-1646'. The author, Martyn Bennett, is Professor of Early Modern History at Nottingham Trent University. Martyn has written over a dozen books on the British Civil Wars and is also the presenter of television documentary series 'Rediscovering Notts'.

'In the Midst of the Kingdom' is the first work to study the way the Royalist cause was managed and prosecuted in the North Midland counties. The strengths and weaknesses of the Royalist command structure are examined and a clear picture of how the war was conducted by the King's supporters emerges. Although the author examines a specific region during the war, the study is arguably applicable to many other parts of the country as well.

✨ Save £4 on RRP until Sunday 4th April. No code needed. ✨ 

Buy it here: 

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From Strelets-R


WSS 1/72 French late war dragoons in reserve. I imagine these would be useful for other nations. See more here

Planned French invasion of 1708

 Today is the anniversary of this event. Wiki

More about it here

Wednesday 24 March 2021

Carl Gustav Armfelt and the Struggle for Finland during the Great Northern War Eirik Hornborg

 This classic work should be on everyone interested in the Great Northern war period's wants list.  It's the first time a book has been published in English for the Finnish and Norwegian campaigns. Originally published in 1953 it has only now been translated into English by Erik Faithfull. As well as the translation, this edition of  it is very well illustrated with maps, engravings, aerial photography and Maksim Borisov's artwork. This all makes for a very complete treatment. Part of this book is a biography on Armfelt someone considered a hero in Finland. The battle of Storkyro and the siege of Trondheim are covered in detail. Of course the Carolean Death March - a great tragedy is placed under the microscope. So if you are interested in the Great Northern war after the death of Charles XII and beyond this book is for you. See Here

Sunday 21 March 2021

Russian grenadier 1712-27

 Made by Sergey Minchenkov of Historical costume storeland

Very impressive. Preobrazhensky Regiment

New English Civil War range

 Bloody Miniatures

'Hello. I’m Richard (AKA ‘Captain Blood’ on various wargames sites), and I’d like to introduce you to Bloody Miniatures - my new line of 28mm figures for the English Civil War. 

It’s a range conceived to bring a dash of added personality to existing ECW / TYW collections, or provide characterful figures for skirmish games.  

Bloody Miniatures are the work of the brilliant Nick Collier, original sculptor of the enduringly popular Bicorne and Renegade ECW ranges.  If there’s anyone better than Nick at capturing the character of fighting men of this period, I haven’t come across him. 

Those existing excellent ranges contain huge numbers of rank and file models in a variety of drill-type poses - perfect for recreating big battles set in that era. But perhaps slightly less well suited to the minor scrimmages, sieges, raids and sallies which typified warfare of the period.

Bloody Miniatures complement these existing ranges perfectly, providing a seamless fit in size, style and stature, with extra helpings of charisma and period flavour. They're designed with the ECW in mind, but TYW arms, armour, and dress were broadly the same. The figures are also eminently suitable for New World colonial conflicts like the Powhatan and Pequot Wars of the 1630s - 1640s, and for C17th 'folk horror' settings / rules like 'Witchfinder General'.

The first four packs are available now at The next four packs are already in the pipeline, and more will follow. I hope you like them.'

Friday 19 March 2021

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Monday 15 March 2021

Régiments du Passé


French group here at Mont-Dauphin in the French Alps/Webpage

Sunday 14 March 2021

Friday 12 March 2021

French officer portrait

 This is a painting nobody knows much about. People who know more about the subject than I reckon it's a French officer in the 1740s. 

Tuesday 9 March 2021

Irish brigade book

 Another interesting looking forthcoming book is this one. 

Hastenbeck 1757

 Helion's series From Reason to Revolution have announced their forthcoming titles for later this year, As a French lover in the Seven Years War this title caught my interest the most. The cover is a dummy there are specially commissioned plates from Patrice Courcelle/being done.  Hastenbeck 1757 wiki

Incidentally if you are French there is the original book on Hastenbeck by the same author here

Thomas Sandby

 Found this image by Thomas Sandby thanks to Thomas Payton for finding out its an Austri-Hungarian hussars possibly drawn during the War of Austrian Succession as Sandby was there.

Carl Gustav Armfelt and the Struggle for Finland during the Great Northern War Eirik Hornborg


'We are pleased to announce Carl Gustav Armfelt and the Struggle for Finland during the Great Northern War series is now available.' Blurb here
✨ Save £4 off RRP until Sunday 21st March ✨
Save £3 on The Swedish Army of the Great Northern War 1700-1721:
Save £3 on By Defeating My Enemies:

Wednesday 3 March 2021

Richard Ansell obituary

 Here is a blog post by Lard Island News on the sculptor who sadly passed away recently. On my Flintlock and tomahawk blog there is a figure for Crann Tara of  Montcalm which is being sold with proceeds going to his widow. 

Tuesday 2 March 2021

54mm ECW - by Mercurius Atticus

Haselrigg's Lobsters by

 Some good pics here of  Lansdown and other photos using Call to Arms 1/32 figures. Very impressive if you ask me.

Monday 1 March 2021

Monmouth tv film

Back in 2000 my living history group the 1685 Society did a film for BBC education on the Rebellion called What was the pitchfork rebellion? (Not a great title) We had speaking parts and helped pick out the locations, George at Norton Saint Philip, the Tithe barn at Glastonbury and of course the battlefield itself. Narrated by Kirstie Wark. But sadly I lost my copy so I mention this in case you or someone you know has a copy.  Might be a VHS.