Saturday 31 October 2015

Ludolf Bakhuysen II (1717-82), in het uniform der Dragonders

Artist Tibout Regters
A Dutch dragoon uniform from 1748

Wednesday 28 October 2015

Dutch Guards

Exercise of the regiment Hollandse Gardes at the Koekamp in The Hague, under the command of Jacob van Kretschmar (1721-1792)

Tuesday 27 October 2015

The Siege of Tangier, 1683

by British (English) School

The Moroccan city of Tangier was given to Charles II in 1661 as part of the dowry of his Portuguese bride, Catherine of Braganza. It was besieged by the Sultan of Morocco in 1679 and the English withdrew in 1684, destroying the city’s fortifications before their departure.
This bird’s-eye view of Tangier is thought to represent the deliberate destruction of the city’s defences by the troops of Admiral Lord Dartmouth, watched by Moorish troops in the foreground. It is not known when it entered the collection at Dyrham Park, but it would have been an appropriate picture for William Blathwayt I (1649?–1717), who was appointed Secretary of State for War in 1683.

Monday 26 October 2015

Phil Thomason's Grolle photos

Grolle 1627-2015

Groenlo is overtaken by re-enactors in the latest edition of this fantastic event.

All rights reserved © Copyright Phil Thomason 2015

De slag om Grolle

Here is the FB page for all the recent views. It seems to have been a successful weekend - looks fun. Well done to all those who took part - including quite a few from the UK.
gallery here for the weekends action 
there's another gallery here with good action shots

Sunday 25 October 2015

De Slag om Grolle

Image by Dolf Ruesink - more here
The event is still ongoing in the Netherlands but there are already some spectacular images on the web if you are interested. 

Monday 19 October 2015

85th Crauford's Volunteers

 A light infantry formation that was at the Siege of Belle Isle.
Kronoskaf entry

Developing Amphibious Doctrine: The British experience of the Seven Years War

Article here

White Rose of Stuart Living History Society

New living history group portraying the troops of the 45 as well as the 1690-1719 period too. They are about to embark on new Royal Ecossais kit so keep an eye open for that. FB page

Thursday 15 October 2015

Slag om Grolle 2015 Nederlands


Printed and sold by J. Jennings, No. 15, Water lane,
                        Fleet street.
COME all you bold Britons that are prating at home,
I'll tell you how the seige of Belleisle it began :
On the eighth day of April we attempted to land,
But we were drove back as you shall understand,
For the French boys they came down so thick on the sand,
Our grenadiers climb'd the rocks that were high,
In thinking to make the proud monsieurs fly ;
But they were so numerous no good could be done,
For the French they came down like the motes in the sun,
But still British boys they refused to run.
We retired to our shipping and rested awhile,
'Till the twenty-second, when kind fortune did smile ;
Our shipping did cover us while we did land,
Which made it so hot monsieur could not stand,
For still we kept firing for to clear the land.
Then we march'd up the island and they all fled away,
We saw nothing of them until the next day ;
At the end of our town they formed two lines,
For to draw on our army and then spring their mines,
But providence prevented their evil designs.
Then we pitched our camp on the island secure,
To make breast-works and batteries we straight did pre-
At breast-works and batteries we work'd night and day,
Their shot and their shells upon us did play,
And many a bold British corpse there did lay.
Our Royal Artillery acted their part,
Against their strong walls they play'd away smart ;
Their thirty-two pounders they play'd away fast,
While our underminers prepar'd for a blast,
Which made the old governor surrender at last.
It was on Whitsun-Wednesday we entered town,
The bells they did ring and the music did sound ;
We drank good healths in flowing bowls,
Success to King George and all his loyal souls,
And may we bold Britons never be controul'd.
So now to conclude here's an end of my song,
Belleisle is our own, we have sent the French home,
We've sent them to Louis this news for to bring,
That Belleisle is govern'd by a British King,
Success to his army and long may he reign.

Wednesday 14 October 2015

Fortifications at Belle Isle

Interesting and well illustrated look at the fortifications of Belle Isle - which was captured in 1761 by the British.

Interesting painting

Belle Isle, 1761

Where to see this painting?

Royal Marines Museum

Basing House

Today was the day of the final assault on the Royalist positions by the New Model  Army. WIki

The English Civil War: a living history, By Paul Lewis Isemonger

Some really great monochrome photos are in this book from quite a few years ago.

Tuesday 13 October 2015

Regiment d´Infanterie Royal Ecossois

I have a FB group for this short-lived French regiment. Kronoskaf entry here
I am interested in finding out more about their SYW career. Anybody know?

Sunday 11 October 2015

Seven Years War in Bohemia

This weekend in the Czech republic is this annual event for the SYW

Saturday 10 October 2015

Josefínské slavnosti 2013 Terezín - Bohemia

This weekend in the Czech republic is the big Seven Years War weekend at Terezin. This video captures the event as it was in 2013 with all the night battle and everything...

Tuesday 6 October 2015

Versailles, la série

IL ARRIVE !#LouisXIV débarque en novembre sur CANAL+ avec la Création Originale événement #Versailles.

Posted by Versailles, la série on Sunday, 4 October 2015