Friday 30 September 2022

Royal Marine stamp by Graham Turner


Helion Wargames - One King! flipthrough

 By Wargames Illustrated. My background as a Proof reader makes me mention the Sedgemoor typo. 

A Dutch army officer in 1725

 Cornelis Troost -

Portrait of Gerrit Sichterman. oil on canvas . height: 69.5 cm (27.3 in); width: 56.5 cm (22.2 in) . Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

Polish War of Succession in Italy (1733-36) books (available in English and Italian versions)

Time for the Polish Succession War. Soldiershop is proud to present the three volumes dedicated to the army of the King of France (those on the Piemontese, Spanish, Austrians etc will follow. ). Unmissable volumes created by a sophisticated and professional team: the Prof’s team. Giancarlo Boeri with Paolo Giacomone Piana, illustrators Roberto Vela, Nadir Durand as well as the consultation of some European experts. As always you can order them on Soldiershop or on amazon or at our authorized bookstores. Available in Italian or English version.

E' il turno della guerra di Successione Polacca. Soldiershop è fiera di presentare i tre volumi dedicati all'esercito del re di Francia (seguiranno quelli sui piemontesi, spagnoli, austriaci ecc.). Imperdibili volumi realizzati da una equipe sofisticata e professionale: il team del Prof. Giancarlo Boeri con Paolo Giacomone Piana, degli illustratori Roberto Vela, Nadir Durand oltre alla consulenza di alcuni esperti europei. Come sempre li potete ordinare su Soldiershop o su amazon o presso le nostre librerie convenzionate. Disponibile la versione in italiano o quella in inglese.

See War of Polish Succession reenactors here

Wednesday 28 September 2022

E.C.W.S. artillery at Boscobel House 1991 photo Richard Ellis

 Some fine artillery. From the forthcoming history of Devereux's regiment by Andy James.

The Warre Game 17th century - new figures

 You may remember they published some rules recently. Now they are considering producing figures. I think they are sculpted by Paul Hicks. Facebook page. They say

"SALUTE 2023 - I’ve secured a place at this premier show and have embarked on a rather mad project …. 

I’ll be showing 


I’ll be putting together the confrontation between Piccolomini’s Kurassiers and the Smaland Horse at Lutzen 1632 … 

At one to one scale …. 

Approaching 1000 cavalry on the battle table 

To that end I’ve been busy commissioning a small range of Cuirassiers to bulk out my own collection … pictures below 

I think they are rather fine and if there is sufficient interest I’ll be offering them up for sale (hopefully breaking even🤷🏻‍♂️)"

British Cavalry 1742-50 by Pierre Turner from British Cavalry Uniforms Since 1660


Ceremony of the King's Champion the Guild Hall London 1688/1988

 It's me on the drum. Pics by Richard Ellis from the forthcoming history of Devereux's by Andy James. I had just passed my driving test and driving in central London at rush hour was a challenge to say the least. English Civil War Society Winchester's and Devereux's both groups still going strong. 

Distracted Tymes (1985)

 English Civil War Society doing living history at Lincoln Castle. I had this on tape as this was the year I joined and used it to show people what 'we' did.

First shown on BBC2 North at 8pm on Friday 29th November 1985 and repeated nationally at 5.30pm on Tuesday 17th December 1985.

Friday 23 September 2022

Wells, the Bloody Assizes & the Monmouth Rebellion

 New piece from Mark

Musketeers of the guard of Hetman Ivan Vyhovsky

 Ukrainian group recreating the troops of the Polish Commonwealth. 

Monmouth Rebellion sketches from Holly J Mitchell

 These are excellent drawings from the Dorset-based artist.

Saturday 17 September 2022

Redcoat to Rebel - the tale of John Coad part 2

 From Mark Vaughan. Part 1 is back down the page. 

Breitenfeld 1631

 Today's anniversary. Wiki. The Protestants' first major victory in the 30 years war.

Friday 16 September 2022

Drummer, 15th Light Dragoons c. 1760

 David Morier

Private, 15th Light Dragoons, c.1760

 By David Morier. Zoomable images at RCT.

15th Light Dragoons

 Two privates and hornist, 15th Light Dragoons, c1760, the first such regiment to be formed. All three have the same helmet but whereas the privates' coats are red faced green the hornist is green faced light grey (perhaps originally white). Accoutrements are of tan leather. The rosettes on the side of the helmets may be the sign of a recruiting party. Painting by David Morier at Wilton House (Michael Barthorp).

Thursday 15 September 2022

Cadogan's Horse 1711 by Pierre Turner


Funeral effigy of Charles II

 Wax funeral effigy of Charles II from Westminster Abbey. Read about them here

Funeral of Queen Mary 1694

 A troop of Horse at the funeral of Queen Mary 1694 from Barthorp/Turner. Read more on the extravagant funeral of Mary here

British cavalry uniforms since 1660 Barthorp/Turner


Monday 12 September 2022

Sunday 11 September 2022

Me at Hampton Court Palace in 2002

 For the Queen's Golden Jubilee. We were there for a week staying in a Grace and Favour apartment. I am the drummer.

British cavalry uniforms since 1660 M Barthorp pics by Pierre Turner

 I have finally bitten the bullet and ordered this. I found a reasonably priced copy. It's much less easy to find than the infantry one that is also good. I really like Pierre Turner's artwork. 

Malplaquet 1709

 Today's anniversary is this one of the bloodiest battles of the 18th century.

Saturday 10 September 2022

Redcoat to Rebel - the story of John Coad part 1

This is the first part of a piece by Mark Vaughan who is among other things a member of the Taunton Garrison.

Tuesday 6 September 2022

Nördlingen 1634

 Today's anniversary. Wiki

Jan van den Hoecke

Monday 5 September 2022