Sunday 29 March 2015

Danish Infantry Uniforms 1700-1730

Echoes of Poltava - I - March of the Danish Grenadier

From the 1715 manuscript of Gustaf Blidström, a Swedish soldier and oboist taken to Tobolsk as a prisoner of war during the Great Northern War. The album is  A collaborative album from Swedish duo "Laude Novella" and Russian troupe "Insula Magica" which collects marches, dances, folk songs, and church chants inspired by and contemporary to the Great Northern War of 1700-1721, in both the Swedish and Russian languages. With the distance of time, the sound of the guns is gone, but the thoughts of the men and women of the age live on through new performances. Listen to the culture of empire, greed, and fear; love, relief and rejoicing - as from any age, they are compelling still today.

Georg Lisiewski - a window on old Prussia

wiki here
Das Tabakskollegium Friedrich Wilhelms I. im Schloss Wusterhausen
picture of the friend of Frederick the Great - Hans Hermann von Katte
Grenadier from Friedrich Wilhelm I's personal batallion, the Potsdam Giants 1737

Dummy board

Showing two Austrian figures of the 1740s, From here

Friday 27 March 2015

soldier c1720

the wiki reads This cherubic wooden figure designed for comic effect is one of the earliest representations of a Scottish soldier in service with the British Army. It was one of several that decorated the 'Old Chelsea Bun-House', a London coffee-house close to the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, a home for discharged soldiers founded in the 1680s. The uniform is that of the Royal North British Fusiliers, an infantry regiment formed in 1678. The regiment's name reveals its Scottish identity, as does the figure's thistle cap badge . It is one of three such figures now displayed in the Scottish National War Museum in Edinburgh Castle.

Osprey Seven Years War rules

Coming out later this year.Read more about them in creator Keith Flint's blog

Wednesday 25 March 2015


Uniforms from 1755

                                                DEL EJERCITO NAPOLITANO                                      
 DE       CARLOS  VII (CARLOS III ) EN ESPAÑA                                                              
 DE 1755 - part 2

Saturday 21 March 2015

Wednesday 18 March 2015

the real Baron Munchhausen

We all know the fictional man but what about the real man? Here's an image by Brueckner of him when he was a cornet in the Russian Brunswick cuirrassiers. Wiki here

Sunday 15 March 2015

Swedish troops - Great Northern War

I am unable to find out who painted this but I like it and it captures the appeal of the GNW.
Army Corps:
Musketeer Ёnchёpingskogo (Jonkopings) Regiment.
Drummer Kalmar (Kalmar) Regiment.
The Officer Nёrke-Vermlandskogo (Narke-Viirmlands) Regiment.

image from here 

Wednesday 11 March 2015

Count Johann Soro

Read about this remarkable Austrian officer with 66 years of service in the army. Here

Philip's Norton 1685

Monmouth is at Norton Town, All a-fighting for the Crown Ho! boys, Ho !
I have made an event page for this event on the 27th June featuring the Troop. Last year they had a display and battlefield talk plus other elements. It's based around the George Inn so fine beers and cider plus a varied food menu are fir the asking.

Monday 9 March 2015

Russian mitres SYW

from here

Images of mid eighteenth century Russians

Russian artillery 1708

from here

Russian Grenadier cap

 Grenadier cap for a student of the Land Szliakhetski Military School (Cadet Corps). 1732-1741.
from here

Russian artillery 1731

from here where there is more on the Russian artillery arm

Sunday 8 March 2015

The Russian Military Costume from Peter I to Peter III, 2008

 or if you prefer Русский военный костюм от Петра I до Петра III, Sergey Letin 2008
This looks a worthwhile book to track down if you have an interest in the Great Northern War and beyond/

Sergey Letin - Great Northern War soldiers

Pikemen Preobrazhensky Regiment ( foot ) and Fusilier Semenov regiment ( horse ) ( 1708-12)

Sergey Letin was a talented artist and scholar who passed away in 2005.