Tuesday 30 May 2023

Légion Brittanique 2nd battalion

 Bavarian unit of multiple battalions made up of deserters and p.o.w.s. This is the 2nd battalion. In British pay. Kronoskaf

Monday 29 May 2023

U.S. Seven Years War enthusiasts gather at Fort Ligonier

 A gathering of European theatre reenactors gathered this weekend in Pennsylvania. The regiment is von Itzenplitz. Facebook group here also at https://www.facebook.com/regimentvonitzenplitz


We had the diaries of Ulrich Braker on this blog before here

Saturday 27 May 2023

Commemorating the War of Polish Succession 1734

 Garnizon Gdaǹsk. Wiki on the War here

Siege of Danzig by Russo-Saxon forces in 1734

Wednesday 24 May 2023

Régiment du Roi

 I think this is from the 1740s. Love the background too.

Tuesday 23 May 2023

Battle of Ramillies


Artwork Rick Scollins/Military Modelling

Today's anniversary. Wiki

Sunday 21 May 2023

16th century Pins



I don't know much about the period yet but here is a Pinterest page I made on the 16th c.

George Gush WRG rules

 I would use these rules. The Army Lists doesn't have a Peasants' war list but I can create my own.

The German Peasants' War 1524-26 Douglas Miller

 This is a great book and I am really enjoying it. Written by Doug Miller the 'Go to guy' on all things Landsknechts and Renaissance for many years. It really is a fascinating book and is making me want to wargame the period using the new miniatures by Steel Fist

The artwork is exceptional too. By Giorgio Albertini. Very enjoyable images. Of course there are lots of woodcuts and period art too and maps and flags. Helion also published a book The Army of the Swabian League by Miller which I also have so I feel equipped with the finest research on the period available. https://www.helion.co.uk/conflicts/german-peasants-wars.php

Saturday 20 May 2023

Friday 19 May 2023

First Foot Guards 1685


Members of the Sealed Knot.

Visualising the German Peasants' War by Doug Miller

 Interesting blog piece that covers his approach to modelling. Here

Hadik Trailer

 A film set in the Seven Years War is as rare as anything so I am pretty excited by this.IMDB here

Battle of Rocroi 1643

 Today's anniversary. Wiki. See it depicted in the movie Alatriste here

Thursday 18 May 2023

Firing an original cannon at Königstein fortress in Saxony

 VDSK  (Verband Deutscher Schwarzpulver Kanoniere e. V. fired an original cannon. Impressive.

Go to their Facebook page to see more from this group. Back there in August. Wiki on the fortress here

The Marlborough tapestries at Blenheim Palace.

 Got this book today. I was surprised to discover it is a large book. 117 illustrations. I will scan some of the best. Black and white though.

Cavalry skirmish Lambert de Hondt

 Not sure of the date. Between 1620 and 1665. Artist wiki

Tuesday 16 May 2023

The Troop recreating Rebel Horse last year

 For years Monmouth's cavalry have been depicted as farm boys on old nags. Thankfully the Troop are changing that stereotype. Also Steve Carter in Fighting for Liberty pointed out in his book they were armed with two or four barreled guns. Photo by Stephen Moss Photosm

Barendt Graat 1676. A portrait of a gentleman with his servant and a dog in a landscape

 Read his wiki

Date for your diary

 Europe's premier pike and shot event (in the Netherlands) is back next year

Friday 12 May 2023

In U.K. shops and dealers from Strelets

 New out from Strelets-R who are based in Ukraine. I understand they have lost a sculptor Anton Derbilov in this terrible war. Anton sculpted some of the WSS figures. Interview with Anton.

Thursday 11 May 2023

Fontenoy 2005

 In 2005 David Wilton organised a commemorative event at Fontenoy which is now in Belgium. He is kitted out as an officer in Dillon's regiment (Irish in French service.

Pulteney's (13th foot) by Chappers Photography

 For Fontenoy day. Chappers Photography

Fontenoy 'BD'

 Graphic novel. Details here

Battle of Stubica (9 February 1573) - Peasant Revolt vs Nobility (Habsburg Monarchy)

 Not the German Peasants' war but this was all I could find

Cut from Yugoslav movie "Seljačka buna 1573" (Anno Domini 1573) 1975.. Wiki

full movie here

German Peasants' war figures by Steel Fist Miniatures

 Facebook page. I think these would be good to paint. Webpage (Peasants' war figures on the Italian wars range.

German Peasants' War book


The German Peasants' War 1524-26 from our From Retinue to Regiment 1453 to 1618 Series is now available! 

.New release! Use code GPW5 to get £5 off RRP. Valid until 18 May.


Somerset day

 Today is Somerset Day. Here is a map from 1662.

Fontenoy 1745

 This major battle was fought today.Here

Wednesday 10 May 2023

Régiment des Gardes Françoises Reenactors Group

 Probably the best Seven Years War groups. From Italy.

The French Army of the War of the Austrian Succession 1740-1748

 This book I like the look of but it's a little too expensive. Anyone got it?

The object of this work is to give simple accurate information for the French army during the War of the Austrian Succession and as such it is relevant to that time frame. The uniforms, the cut of which was basically same more or less from the late 1720’s till after the seven years war (except for the addition of lapels to infantry uniforms in the late 1750’s), took a more austere appearance following the clothing regulations of 1730’s, which reflected both moral ideals against ostentation with just a little bit of economy, the heavy embroidery on the officers coats, the coloured waistcoats & breeches disappeared, except in the foreign units, but there again the regulations were never completely respected.

Prerelease from Flags of War

 Tomorrow is the anniversary of Fontenoy 1745 so thought I would visit the War of Austrian Succession. Currently Flags of War have miniatures about to be released for their French range. 

Tuesday 9 May 2023

Grenadier 1707

 Get it here. Sculpted by Alexander Kabankov. 75mm.

Monday 8 May 2023

More Prague 1757 reenactment pictures from JHF photo

 In the Czech Republic where there is a healthy Seven Years War scene

Sunday 7 May 2023

Sabre and bayonet blog


If you have an interest in the 1790s check out my blog Sabre and Bayonet.

Saturday 6 May 2023

Prague 1757

 Today's anniversary. Wiki

Friday 5 May 2023

Gorget and Sash Journal of the Early Modern Warfare Society

 Another American publication from that era is Gorget and Sash. It was very good indeed. See a list of articles online here http://www.xenophon-mil.org/gorget/gorget.htm

See the below issue here

This issue here http://xenophon-mil.org/gorget/gorgetsashI-3.htm

This issue is here