Wednesday 3 May 2023

Heroics and Ros 1/300 Seven Years War

 Here. When I started wargaming again after getting married and having a family in about 84 I chose this small scale for my wargames project. I started with Austrians who were my main interest and in time did Prussians. It created a wave of interest at the Frome wargames club where others got Russian and French armies (using the Marlburians I think). Long gone now to the great Bring and Buy stall in the sky. Maybe you bought them? The company were in Wiltshire then and Keep Wargaming stocked them too so it was quite localized both being near Devizes,

 from Keep Wargaming

These were the rules I used. A modified version of the Charge! rules
For uniforms of course I had the Blandford Mollo/McGregor book and Funcken but I also used this one which I still have.

Lastly I used to get this classic from the library. Good days. 


Anonymous said...

Snap! I still have mine. Now have all the major armies except Reichsarmee. Have those books too, except the Athena Charge one.

Prince Lupus said...

Me too, and still play with mine forty years on using volley and bayonet. Have the books too, the Greenwood and Ball uniform guides were/are excellent