Friday 15 April 2011

Warlord Games TYW

I like the look and the style of these 28mm figures covering the early phases of the Thirty Years War. For some obtuse reason I have always found the 30 Years War more interesting than the English Civil War. Don't know why. Probably to do with familiarity breeding contempt. Small Image: Memmingen Cuirassiers.

Saturday 9 April 2011

Пейте братцы / Drink, brethren

If you need some inspiration as to how to celebrate Monmouth's birthday then check out this video from my Russian pal Boris, a series of excellent period depictions of carousing.

Raise a glass to the Duke of Monmouth

Yes it's that time of year again - birthday of the unfortunate Pretender to the throne who was the hero of the West Country in 1685. Wiki here
Artwork depicting the battle of Sedgemoor from here

Saturday 2 April 2011

French classical helmet

Had some pics sent me by Dennis Bray who runs an excellent blog on the Early Modern Warfare - see below - and he has read about my interest in the French classical helmet of the 17th century and sent me these images from Portuguese sources. The black and white image is described in the caption as 17th century German, artist unknown.

Early Modern Warfare Blog

This is a great new blog all about the mechanics of warfare in the Renaissance period. Lots of interesting stuff about the pike and how they were used. Recommended. The intro text says:
We will focus heavily on Pikemen, pike armed troops, and the "push of pike." Secondary attention is on firearms: arquebusier men, musket men, as well as shield and swords and buckler armed soldiers. How did these men fight, use their weapons, and interact with one another in battle.