Wednesday 31 January 2024

Me at Hampton Court in 2002 doing 1702 for a week for the Jubilee. Photo by my sister who visited.


Peter Dennis Paper soldiers

 If you are looking to wargame 1685 on a budget paper armies might be the answer. Peter Dennis on his Facebook page has shown some images of Monmouth Rebellion figures. You will have to join to see them and to follow their progress

Tuesday 30 January 2024

Sean O'Brogain

 Very good artwork in this book on Aughrim. Seany I knew when he was at university many years ago. 

WoFun Free wargaming rules


I am a fan of free rules. I haven't tried downloading these yet but I will. Link. There are ECW, SYW, and 45 sets. Think I will look at the WSS first.

Monday 29 January 2024

Friday 19 January 2024

Steve Cady's paper soldiers

 Steve has been designing Paper soldiers and very good they are too. He says "My paper soldier designs, French infantry regiment La Fère. War of the Polish Succession, 1735."

An ideal solution if you find an obscure period you want to do methinks.

Bridges Almshouses Keynsham

 These were built in 1685 to house widows of those killed in the Monmouth Rebellion. Wiki

Wednesday 17 January 2024

1688 in 1988

 In my opinion Devereux's biggest contribution to reenactment was their treatment of the 1685-89 era during the tercentennials. Making kit specific to the 1680s. Sedgemoor to Killiekrankie. This is an event at Zeals house near Mere recreating 1688. I am the pike sergeant. Photo Paul Houlton. 

Frederick William von Kleist


Freydragoner von Kleist

 Desktops von Kleist at Kronoskaf

Tuesday 16 January 2024

Thanks to Guiseppe Condorelli for this

From my Seven Years War Living History group. 

"Prussian Grenadiers of IR12 Erbprinz von Hessen-Darmstadt in field march, respectively carrying (from left to right): an axe, a spade, a pick-axe and tent-flask - Source: Kling, C., Geschichte der Bekleidung, Bewaffnung und Ausrüstung des Königlich Preussischen Heeres."

Sunday 14 January 2024

Kozak Miniatures

 So do you have a 3D printer? I don't but I know someone who has. A manufacturer that has got some interesting files for the Great Northern War is Kozak. . 

Wednesday 10 January 2024

Cameron Robinson of Freikorps 15

 Back in the 80s I bought quite a few Freikorps 15 from their address in Northern Ireland. Thirty Years War and Seven Years War but I did drool over the catalogue and considered quite a few other periods like Maximillian expedition and Pony Wars. Later in life through reenactment I got to know Cameron doing the 1798 bicentennial together in Ulster (see photo). I thought I would ask him some questions.

How and when did Freikorps 15 come about? 

Freikorps was already in existence when I took it over. I did the casting for them at that time. The designer the late Dave Allsop  was unhappy with the job his associates was doing so he approached me to take over the running of the company which I did.

What was your most popular range? I am guessing Seven Years War. The 19th century range was extensive. 

Yes the Seven Years War range was the most popular. We developed the 19th Century range as there was little or nothing on the market, at the time. 

The SYW was decided on by Dave Allsop the idea being there was a gap in the market.

You are a wargamer. Did you have armies of your own figures? 

Yes I am a wargamer my main interest ACW and Eastern Front (Red Army).

You seem to have chosen quite obscure periods like Elizabethan Ireland rather than Napoleonics. Was this just a preference or did you choose niche periods deliberately?

Well at that time no one did Elizabethan Ireland so we decided on a small range, sadly Dave never got it finished. Well period choices depended on what appealed to Dave and if I thought it would sell. Of course given my interest we decided to do a large range of American Civil War, it was me that got the largest selection of artillery pieces used in the war available in any range.

Another range we did was for India the intention was for this to go right up to the 1930s, however again we ran out of time.

Thanks Cameron.


Friday 5 January 2024

New from Firelock Games

 Provincial unit. Could be good for 1685. Apparently they are rather large.

King's Army Whitehall March


28 January is the date for your diaries Londoners. Read a small article on the event here

40mm Home cast Prince August Highlanders

 Made by Emmanuel Salaun. Very good. I have created a new label "40mm". Quite a few posts.

View the range here

Wednesday 3 January 2024

Charge! Stuart Asquith variant

 These rules I had and enjoyed. 1979 I believe they are from. Read about them here

Tuesday 2 January 2024

René Chartrand articles for Military Modelling magazine

 Prior to Louis XIV's Army Charts and did a series of pieces for MM. Mid 80s. 

Osprey Publishing Louis XIV's Army


Louis XIV's Army. 1988. Probably my favourite Osprey. Chartrand/Back are a great combination. This came out at an opportune moment. During the 300th anniversary. 

(1): Private, Régiment Hautefort-Dragon, c.1698. This was 'Asfeld-Dragon' until 1696. Besides wearing caps, dragoons were recognised by their leather gaiters, and carried flintlock muskets as well as cavalry swords. (The main sources for all figures on this plate are: Mercure Galant, September 1680, 2è partie, September 1698; Bibl. Guerre, Ms A1b 1626; Guérard, Les Exercices de Mars, c. 1695.)

(2): Private, Régiment des Dragons da Roi, c.1698. The King's Dragoon regiment, also called 'Royal', wore blue lined with red with pewter buttons in 1698. The coat is reconstructed after one sent to Sweden in the late 1680s. 

(3): Private, Régiment Tessé-Dragon, 1680. When reviewed by the king in Flanders in 1680, Tessé wore yellow lined with red. In 1685 the regiment became 'Mestre-de-Camp-Général' and changed to red lined with blue. (4): Officer, Régiment Colonel-Gènéral des Dragons, 1680. At the 1680 review the officers were 'magnificently dressed' in coats embroidered with silver 'Brandebourgs' in Spanish point lace. The standards were red sprinkled with gold flames, etc. It is worth noting that the officers of all the regiments present were in regimental uniforms.

Artwork from MAA 203 Louis XIV's Army, illustrated by Francis Back.

Monday 1 January 2024


 Zagreb. Traditional New Year's Change of the Guard Kravat pukovnija ! Traditional new years change of the guard of Kravat regiment! Thanks to Vladimir

Happy New Year

 Image from the Wimborne Militia in their home town in Dorset last night.