Friday, 14 February 2020

A. Karashchuk Languedoc 1704 (and Drabant Miniatures 40mms)

Do you remember Drabant miniatures? Did very good 40mm WSS figures and also GNW. Russian company. They also published nice artwork that pops up occasionally. I kept the caption to the above which read
The picture shows musketeer and grenadier of Languedoc Foot Regiment. This Tallard’s regiment was one of the most famous and dangerous in French army. Most French musketeers had leather cartridge box on a belt. Grenadiers of the regiment wore tall fur hat with long cloth cap, unlike soldiers of many other regiments including Guards. French grenadiers necessarily wore moustaches. Grenadiers were armed with firelock muskets and sabers instead of epees.
One of Drabant's miniatures. They were distributed by Old Glory
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Gardes Fran├žaises, Drabant Miniatures (40mm)

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