Thursday 8 November 2018

Wargames Research Group

Getting a little excited by the forthcoming figures from Khurasan I started thinking about rules and dug these out. I used these a lot in the 80s as you can tell by the food stains and so forth on them. 


Independentwargamesgroup said...

I loved these rules. George Gush was the man to go to regarding anything renaissance.Then something happened late 1980's. I think it was the tables to work out firing and melee. Still good though.

Big Andy said...

Last ued these last year for a couple of ECW games. A bit long winded in parts but overall they still work

Alberto said...


My first serious wargaming attempt were with those rules. So many hours writing lists, playing, a lot of fond memories!! In fact with I'm trying to used them again with the same friend who started with me !!! We're looking to do so during 2019.

I would like to know if there's some amendments or modifications to use Gush's rules for the GNW or the WWS? I guess that the rules covers almost all the aspects, but how can be reflected the different infantry doctrines (ex: different numbers of ranks), Gallopers vs Trotters (close order /order cavalry in the rules can maybe cope with that) etc... Thanks in advance for sharing any hint or reflexion on that.

Seing the cover of the rules and the army list cheered up my evening !! Thanks a lot !!