Friday 23 November 2018

Khurasan 15mm 1670s

Dutch artillery
Another sneak peak of a range I am pretty excited about.
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Khurasan Miniatures painted as the Bishop of Munsters forces

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Ralphus said...

They have given more details
The new range will be called, rather unoriginally, the “Louis XIV” range, as the 1670s to early 80s was the height of the Sun King’s power. The initial codes will be:
Musketeers shooting
Musketeers kneeling shooting
Musketeers at the ready
Musketeers standing
Musketeers marching
Unarmoured pikemen marching
Unarmoured pikemen standing
Armoured pikemen standing
Infantry command standing
Infantry command marching
Grenadiers in fur cap, kneeling and standing firing
Dragoons in cap, dismounted
Command for same
Mounted dragoons in cap
Artillery with medium gonne
Cavalry with breast and back in English pot
Command for same
Cavalry in hat with breastplate under coat
Command for same
High command #1 (modeled after Monmouth as depicted in the Franco-Dutch War but can be used as any General Officer in the period)
That’s lot 1 anyway! Lot 2 is being cast now and will have
Cavalry in breast and back wearing zischagge
Command for same
Cavalry in breast and back in hat
Command for same
Cavalry in English pot with cuirass under coat
Command for same
Dragoons in hat
Lot 3 is being sculpted now will be that little-known army of the period, the French.
Lot 4 has not yet been begun and will probably be Unarmoured cavalry in hats, Swedes in Karpus, Swedish horse in helmets and turnbacks, a grenadier set with different caps, and civilians with weapons for Vienna 1683, Monmouth’s rebellion, and King Phillip’s War/other American colonial forces.