Tuesday 15 July 2008

Louis XIV period fusil

If you feel inspired to recreate Louis XIV's infantry and want a reasonable priced French flintlock for the late Louis XIV (or if you like Marlburian era) then this 1696 Tulle repro looks good value. Based on a gun issued to the French Compagnies franches de la Marine (picture by M Petard). Get it from Loyalist Arms in Canada or Derbyshire Historic Arms in the UK. French fusils weren't regulated until the M1717 came out in that year but this repro looks like it has all the classic features of a fusil of the pre-ordonnance era including the graceful cow's foot stock. It takes a plug bayonet. These fusils were quite fine compared to the English flintlock of the period and their (comparative to the matchlock) fragility impaired their adoption into the French army.

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