Monday, 21 December 2009

Capture of Oppenheim

Wenceslas Hollar is the artist.


dgadgdfgafd said...

More about Hollar and many of his artworks

Knut Grünitz said...

"Place and opportunity when His Majesty the King of Sweden with his army crossed the Rhine, forced the Spanish cavalry to flee and occupied the city of Oppenheim"

A. The Swedish Army, B. His Majesty the King, C. the Rhine, D. The Spanish cavalry, E. The Star Redoubt, F. The City (of) Oppenheim, G. Nerstein (today Nierstein), H. Dienheim, I. Rudelheim (the village has dissapeared from todays maps),
L. Die Stuben, K. Stockstadt, M. Die Aue (the Brook, today called the Kühkopf), N. Gintzheim (today Gimbsheim), O. Altzheim at the Old Rhine (today Alsheim), P. The city (of) Gernsheim, Q. Bibisheim (today Biebesheim), R. (The Castle) Zum Stein ("Zullestein") which has been set alight and left by the Spaniards (the castle was finally raised down at the end of the 17th century and excarvated again from 1970 on), S. The City (of) Worms, T. Guntersblum, U. Swedish Artillery"

You may find the monument of Gustav Adolf's Crossing of the Rhine, the "Swedes Pilar" (Schwedensäule) here on Google Maps by these coordinates: 49.825004,8.409795