Saturday 16 August 2014

A CALL TO ARMS A re-enactment at Blenheim Palace in 2004

This was a pretty naff event but it was one of the last reenactments I attended as a participant so I have sentimental reasons for posting it. I tried to get the WSS going and I felt I failed. David Chandler was still with us then and you can see him briefly.


Springinsfeld said...

Looked pretty good to me, and the wife said it was impressive too . Too many beards perhaps for 1704?

Anonymous said...

And we had our Narva tercenteniary same weekend.
Pity WSS cause did not grow big.

Unknown said...

There are those of us trying to get WSS going in the UK!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear that! Good luck with promoting the WSS cause then and look forward to meeting at early 1700s event some day.
We do Great Northern war on our end.