Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Basing House Armada Living History 1988

Apologies for the early timeline on this one but I like these photos so indulge me. Back in '88 we - my family and Devereux's Regiment ECWS did a weeks' living history recreating the Armada in the Hampshire countryside. My family and I had the job of looking after some St Kilda Sheep and talking about the wool trade. My hat (a brimmed Monmouth) I bought off the famous Kirstie Buckland who came to demonstrate some of her knitting prowess. My parents came and took a load of photos which was lucky as most reenactors know you don't get to take many pictures usually. We had a lot of fun and had a not for public peasant's revolt at the end of the week when the gypsies charcoal burners and country folk attacked the Militia. Well you have to have a bit of fun at the end of the week... More photos of this event
A daughter


Me and my Dad and some St Kilda sheep


Me the shepherd

The sheep pen

Dave Laurent

David Edge demonstrating archery

Ralph Thompson on beacon duty

Gypsies in the woods

Sue Mitchard trying to work a drop spindle
Me and Andy James who was making hay or something

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Springinsfeld said...

Great photos at a brilliant site. I joined Devs. in 89-90 I think and spent many a happy weekend at Basing House. I saw Dave Laurent earlier this year at a wargames show (bit more grizzled) and I bumped into Ralph Thompson a couple of years ago at a heavy metal gig in London.... he was completely unchanged after 25 years. Happy days.