Thursday, 12 July 2018

Carlo Fantom - a famous Croat in the English Civil War

Carlo Fantom (died December 1643) was a Croat mercenary in the English Civil War who had the reputation of being impervious to bullets and is quoted as saying "I care not for your Cause; I come to fight for your halfe-crown and your handsome women. My father was a Roman Catholique, and so was my grandfather. I have fought for the Christians against the Turkes, and for the Turkes against the Christians." Initially serving in Arthur Goodwin's regiment of horse, where he was valued by the Earl of Essex for training cavalrymen how to fight on horseback, in 1643 he changed sides to fight for the King. He was reportedly hanged at Bedford for raping a woman, while the army was marching to relieve Gainsborough.[1] Wiki
If you think this would make great fiction it's been done by Charles Underhill. Not sure what they're like. Maybe you know?


Roly Hermans said...

I read them decades ago, and recall really enjoying them at the time. From memory, I think I enjoyed them so much I read them twice. I have looked for them since, but never located them. And even if I found them, maybe my fond memories of them might not have lasted the test of time!

Robbie Rodiss said...

I read them many years ago when I was a regular at my now demolished library. Last year I decided to locate and buy them. I was lucky enough to locate both books in good condition via ABE Books and bought them for a modest price. They were as enjoyable as I remembered them, in fact I found them a very enjoyable read. Yes Fantom is a anti hero with huge rapacious issues but the books are well written and entertaining.Worth a punt.