Friday 27 December 2019

WSS Austrians from ChrisFritz

 Dear Gentlemen (and Ladies, of course),

please allow me to contribute some pictures of Austrian musketeers like they have looked liked in the first years of the War of Spanish Succession.

It is the Regiment of "von Herberstein" in orange-red colors like they have fought in upper Italy.

The research work and manufacturing for those uniforms was exhausting (and sooo expensive...), as there are literally almost no informations.

The more I would like to thank the real experts of the Heeresgeschichtliche Museum in Vienna and private Experts.

I am proud to say that my comrade and me (the "blonde" guy😁) are for sure maybe the only one reeanactors to give you the accurate impression of this period.


WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

Thank you! Very interesting to see the colors of the coats and breeches. More a creamy gray than a true "white."

Best Regards,


Ralphus said...

They have done a lot of research into the coat colour - described as a pearly grey.