Thursday, 14 January 2021

Armies of Sir Ralph Hopton - Laurence Spring - Century of the Soldier series

Sir Bevil Grenville's regiment 1643 Maksim Borisov

As a Westcountry-man the Civil War in the West has always been of great interest to me so this book I looked forward to immensely. Suffice to say I was not disappointed. The author Laurence Spring is rapidly becoming a go-to author on 17th century armies. This one is excellent and perfectly suitable if like me you like English Civil wargames as this book is perfect for recreating Hopton's forces at Lansdown, Cheriton or Roundway down. The legendary Cornish Foot are examined something I was very interested in with great colour plates by Maksim Borisov. There are chapters on clothing, arms and armour, pay and casualties but the main thread is on the 3 armies Hopton  commanded. Very in-depth and very interesting. 

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