Tuesday, 3 August 2021

New WSS fiction

Kuruc!: The Threat From The East (Soldier and Spy Book 1) Kindle Edition
by T. Justin Davis (Author)

 The year is 1702, and a young Englishman named Harry Sutton fights a duel over a woman that causes scandal to his family and to his own reputation. Harry’s father purchases a commission for him in Queen Anne’s army in Flanders, so that Harry can escape the scandal abroad and regain his reputation through soldiery.

The war over the Spanish succession is raging in Europe, pitting Britain and its allies, the Dutch and the Holy Roman Empire, against France and Spain. At a siege in Flanders in the fall of 1702, Harry’s bravery and leadership bring him to the notice of William Cadogan, the quartermaster and spymaster of the allied armies. When an English diplomat in Hungary is kidnapped by Hungarian rebels along with a female friend of the Duke of Marlborough, Harry, along with other English officers, is sent by Cadogan on a daring rescue mission into Hungary that could impact the outcome of the war!

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Tombeatster said...

Many thanks! I hope your readers will enjoy it as much as I have in writing it. I am hard at work on a sequel too!

T. Justin Davis