Sunday, 21 November 2021

IR von Esterhazy. Trakošćan Castle

 Thanks to Vladimir Brnardić for this.

'Trakošćan Castle is located in northern Croatia (in the Varaždin County) that dates back to the 13th century. Among other treasures it has well preserved hand painted wallpapers that feature Austrian infantry and cavalry troops from 1749/1750. Between them is 37 line infantry regiment under command of Josip Kazimir Drašković when he was a colonel of it as well as one Hungarian and Grenz infantry regiment and dragoon and hussar squadrons. Soldiers uniforms, equipment and flags as well as the formation of individual units and their parts are all faithfully represented. Of interest is the regimental band.'

IR von Esterhazy. Trakošćan Castle. Priest and officers with orchestra in the middle, sappeurs in the back. On the left grenadiers, on the right musketeers.

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Amtmann B. said...

Great photos. Very very interesting!