Wednesday, 9 March 2022

Flags of War 28mm War of Austrian Succession

 As you probably already know Flags of War have a range of Jacobite Rebellion figures. Recently they have announced they are to expand into the WAS with a Kickstarter this month delivering in April. They plan all sorts of new figures in the future including Hanoverians, French artillery and Garde Francaises and French cavalry which of course will complement the '45 figures.  Fortunately for me they have sent me some pre releases of this range - British and Dutch to review, First of all they are delightful castings full of crispness and detail  (for example the British drummer has a mitre with a distinctly sculpted device on it). The photos don't really do them justice - these are some of the best 28mms I have seen. I intend to paint them as they look like they will paint up a treat. I think the period needs these figures and I am sure they will be popular,  Flags of War | Facebook

Dutch infantry

British Grenadier

British drummer

British hat man

British ensign

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