Thursday 23 February 2023

Warlord epic Pike and shotte rules

 Designer's notes here

artwork by Marco Capparoni


Archduke Piccolo said...

I began collecting plastic (Revell) 30YW armies about 30 years ago. They haven't seen action for most of those 30 years, though the Imperialists are fully painted, and the Swedes most so (the horse need finishing). They don't go by their historical names of course, though modelled on them - they are the armies of Austereia and Severeia.

I know: 'hiatus valde deflendus.' I am so easily distracted... Unfortunately I am not familiar with the Pike and Shotte rule set - something I shall havce to do something about!

I do like the artwork!

Neil Patterson said...

For a supposed set of "designer's notes" they are remarkably free of any actual details about the rules!
You would have thought there was plenty of scope to expand on how they worked and the decisions taken on mechanisms, formations et al. Instead we get a potted history of how interested he has been in ECW and that they resemble the Pike & Shot rules; not much use if you don't know how they work!
About par for the course these days......