Monday 13 March 2023

The Science of Arms. - The Art of War in the Century of the Soldier 1672-1699

Volume 1: Preparation for War and the Infantry

Stephen M. Carter

Impressive start to a three volume series

This is Volume 1 of a trilogy of books on the subject and from the first volume an excellent start has been made. The concept as I see it is an analysis of the main military treatises of the period with the aim of understanding the military mindset of the time. Taken from the English language versions.

Part 1 is preparing for war and War policy investigating the justification for war and a 'just' war. This is followed by preparing for war and preparing your magazine. All through the book are many fine illustrations from the original books to give a visual dimension to the subject. Infantry postures (the positions used in drill) are analyzed in depth. Both pike and musket postures are depicted and analyzed. All in incredible detail. This is a book that goes in depth on the subject. Next up are company evolutions followed by battalion evolutions as the body becomes larger. Battlefield evolutions come next. Forming defensive bodies brings the infantry volume to a close.

All in all a fine book with lots of detail and a visual feast. Can't wait for the next volume.

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