Tuesday, 26 October 2021

War and soldiers in the early reign of Louis XIV - Volume 4 the Armies of Spain

By Bruno Mugnai

 The latest volume in what is a remarkable series. These works have acquired a following among military historians and wargamers who have been eagerly waiting for this instalment. I don't think they will be disappointed - it's a great book possibly the best so far in a high quality series. Mr Mugnai manages to explore areas where other historians have not trod before. The Hispanic troops are depicted in brilliant style by Mugnai who is also the artist of this set of books. Spain had its own way of doing things and that's what makes this book interesting. A long held view is that Spain was in decline at this time in history but Mugnai overturns this superficial analysis by showing the whole picture. So a much-needed book that will please all those patiently waiting for this volume. I can see that a  Spanish war games army has now a possibility with all the detailed information contained in this fine book.

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