Sunday 23 October 2022

The first English Civil war book I read

 Any of you have the same book? I was feared on this and the 1970 film Cromwell. Trailer here.  The Ladybird book came out in 1963.

Written by the Great L. DuGarde Peach


Springinsfeld said...

Yep, I still have that. Lovely illustrations, as in all those Ladybird history books. Obviously of it's time... Irish portrayed as semi human and Cromwell actually quite a good egg etc.

Anonymous said...

I read it but never owned it (library book).
Chris (Nundanket)

tradgardmastare said...

One of my favourites from then, along with Alexander the Great and Roman Britain.

James Fisher said...

A magnificent series, of which I had many and, thanks to my father keeping them, I still have.
DuGarde Peach did a wonderful job with a necessarily simplified and summary format to still cover so much and to be quite objective. The closing of the Cromwell book, along the lines that he was fair and honest (I think it says—I'd have to get my copy to find the exact words) and, except in Ireland, never cruel. Understated and, in doing so, really powerful.
The combination of text and excellent artwork took the reader into the time. Many ideas, dreams and further stories ensued, providing stimulation for games with toy soldiers which developed into the life-long obsession with history, military figurines and wargaming.
The book on Napoleon is a particular, treasured favourite. It sowed the seed for a deep, life-long interest for me.
Regards, James